Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let's Start Thinking About the 2009 Blogger Awards OR Is This Your First Year as a Blogger?

Greetings Trollites! Sorry for the lack of a post today, forgot to schedule one and didn’t get on the net until now. After class today I carried a stack of cards from the 50s. 60s, 70, and even a few from the 80’s and beyond over to Mom and Dad’s house to scan and save them on their PC. I didn’t actually write any posts, but I have enough card images to write card of the day posts for the next two months. By the way, aside from an occasional trade post, that is basically what I plan on doing between now and the start of spring training-writing one card posts about some of my favorite cards, mostly from the decade of the 1960s. I do also plan on profiling every single player on the Hall of Fame ballot this year-with the carryovers included it is an amazing class-there are at least 10 guys on the ballot that I feel belong there. I wanted to remind everyone that are about 700 more hits on this page until the contest is closed. I think it stands at only 24 votes so far and right now the first great rookie of the decade and the last one are in a neck and neck race for the finish. I speaking of course about the 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson being locked up with the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. PLEASE cast your vote for the most iconic, baseball rookie card of the 1980s! In voting you will automatically be entered into the contest. The prize will be the winning card.
Speaking of contests… As you may or may not know, I am a part of the panel that will be voting and selecting the winners in this years inaugural blogger awards. The awards are being hosted by Drew from Drew's Cards and Alfredo aka Wicked Ortega. I am pretty excited about the awards. We will be voting for blogger awards, but also products and inserts of the year as well as top moments in sports. There are actually quite a few awards to be handed out. One of the awards is the Blogger Rookie of the Year. The perquisite is that your blog was started on January 1, 2009 or later. The voting isn’t opened up for this just yet, but I am going to ask you all to start thinking about it. I hope to be able to “host” this particular award (that has yet to be decided) but I am interested in getting some talk going on it. I personally started my blog in May of 2009 (so I believe that I would qualify…) and most all of you were here when I got here. What I am asking for right now is some suggestions or at the very least some names of blogs that would qualify. Feel free to comment with your own blog, or suggest some others that you know were started in 2009. I think this is a pretty great award idea, but again I am ignorant as to when everyone started their blogs, so PLEASE comment here with the names of some blogs that were born in 2009. Thanks in advance dear blog-o-sphere! Oh, if you wanna get the wheels turning-some of the other blogger awards will include Blog of the Year (MVP!), Most Generous Trader, Biggest Box Breaker (another one I might need some suggestions for), Most Creative Blogger and Coolest Blog Design. Go Rays! With the acquisition of Kelly Shoppach we will be unstoppable! By the by… The cards scanned in this post don’t have any actual relevance to this topic-well not really… They are all former Rookies of the Year (and mainly bad-ass cards) and that is what I am looking for help with. So once more so we are clear... These aren't nominations, just mentions so I know who qualifies. You can list thirty blogs including your own as long as they were started in 2009. If you have any questions or input, please contact Drew through his blog. Thanks! Troll out.


  1. Some possibles:

    Play at the Plate
    Beardy's Baseball Blog
    Can't Have Too Many Cards
    Mark's Ephemera
    Roll Out the Barrel
    A Pack to be Named Later
    The Mojo Hand
    Carl Crawford Cards
    The Priceless Pursuit
    Hey, That's Mine
    JD's Wild Cardz
    Baseball Recollections
    Core Contrarian
    No One's Going to Read This Blog
    May Past Time ... I Love It
    A Rookie Baseball Card Blog

    Oh, and The Collective Troll!

    I'm sure I missed a bunch, but that's a one fine rookie class right there.

  2. thanks so much Night Owl! That is exactly what I needed! Anyone else???

  3. So many great blogs its going to be hard dude!!

  4. I started just a wee bit before, so I ain't no rookie, I started in December 08 baby!