Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ripping the 3rd Pack of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2!

We are on the third pack of ’94 Pinnacle already… I am dying to see who the next Museum Collection card is, who the Artists Proof will be and if we get a case hit in this box. Let’s get down to business. First card out of the pack is:
#465 Tim Laker Montreal Expos
#413 Carlos Delgado Toronto Blue Jays (This is one of those cards that lists Delgado as a catcher-I have seen quite a few like that, even seen some of him in full gear. I had to know how much catching he did so I looked it up. At the big league level Delgado caught a total of 2 games over his 17 year career. He logged a total of 5 innings behind the plate, he had 3 put outs and no errors. He worked much better as a first baseman and Delgado has some amazing career numbers and if he can ever get healthy again, those numbers will grow. In ’93 he had just one at-bat, he didn’t play his first full season until 1996 and he hit 26 homers that year. Delgado has never led the league in homers, but did hit 30 or more for 10 consecutive seasons. His 473 homers is 30th All Time. If he can hit 3 more long balls he will pass Stan Musial and Willie Stargell and move into 28th All Time. Another thing that jumped out at me about Delgado is I read he has made over 150 million bucks over his career. Hey Carlos, wanna sponsor this blog? I’ll write nice things about you!)
#399 Darrell Whitmore Florida Marlins (another Marlin that I don’t remember…)
#463 Mike Bordick Oakland A’s
#379 Mark McLemore Baltimore Orioles (MM was a super versatile and very fast player. He was great in all 3 outfield spots, was a superb second baseman and wasn’t too shabby at short or 3rd either. He started swiping more bases later in his career and set a personal best in 2000 when he stole 39. He nabbed 272 over his career which puts him at 184th All Time)
#461 Mike Stanton Atlanta Braves
#492 Spike Owen (one of several dupes in this pack…)
#305 Benito Santiago Florida Marlins (an awesome Play at the Plate with the Marlins 3-time Gold Glove catcher! Looks like Castillo is OUT!)
#506 Mark Portugal San Francisco Giants
#528 Tony Longmire Philadelphia Phillies (who?)
#283 Doug Henry Milwaukee Brewers (he saved 17 games for the Brew Crew in ’93-he had 29 the year prior)
#392 Cliff Floyd Montreal Expos (Big Cliff in the early days…He only played in 100 games in ’94, but the former first round pick still managed to be 5th place in the ROY Vote. I don’t know if he is the only player to go to the World Series with both Florida teams, but if there are more than 1-he is one of ‘em. He won a ring with the Marlins in ’97 and went back in 2008 with the Rays. His 233 homers is 43rd among active players-he would be a lot higher up if you took all the roid-ragers off the list)
#326 Bill Swift San Francisco Giants (Billy had an AMAZING year on the hill for the Giants in ’93. He was 21-8 with a 2.82 ERA. He had led the NL in ERA with a microscopic 2.08 in ’92. He placed 2nd in Cy Young voting in ’93, behind Greg Maddux who won less games and had a lower winning %. ’94 was his final year with the Giants. In 1992, his 7th season, he won 10 games to hit double digits for the first time. He won 21 the next year and never reached 10 victories again. He pitched for 13 seasons and posted a 94-78 career record. Weird)
Okay, the 14th and final card out of the pack is #312 John Jaha Milwaukee Brewers (Jaha is kicking back and relaxing, preparing for his first All Star game in ’99. I think someone just said something funny or maybe Jaha just said to the photographer “Your not gonna use this on a baseball card, are you?”)
Okay, that is your 3rd pack-21 more to come! Sorry I don’t have video capabilities. I know that is customary for box breaks. Is everybody okay with the way I am doing this? Any suggestions, comments or complaints? Please let me know, this is all new to me. I will say that I wish now that I had devised some sort of points system, ala Gint-A-Cuffs, some sort of penalty for pulling all of these Yankees. I have cards and wrappers all over the place and I am barely getting started, but this is fun for me. I hate to sound like a broken record, but PLEASE get me your addresses and if you know what you are sending me in return, please let me know. Aside from your take of your team over these 84 packs, I will throw in whatever cards I have of your team. For some it might be only 1 or 2 cards-for others it might be 100. Until the next pack, troll out.

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