Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm a Pack Ripping Fool-1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 3, Pack Number 7!

Okay, I don’t wanna forget about Stadium Club now. This is pack #7 of 24 of 1993 Stadium Club Series 3…First up is:
#704 Willie Greene Cincinnati Reds
#629 Dave Stewart Toronto Blue Jays (It gives his numbers from April 88-’92, he is 19-4 in 27 starts-I guess the moral of the story is: Pitch well early so you can still be pitching in October?)
#642 Milt Thompson Philadelphia Phillies
#746 Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox (I resisted the urge to scan every Big Hurt card)
#676 Rickey Gutierrez RC San Diego Padres
#686 Tim Wallach LA Dodgers (BotC quote-“A 3-time Gold Glove winner, Wallach can still flash the leather”)
#657 Kevin Seitzer Oakland A’s
#??? Master Photo Redemption Card-Greg Maddux (This was a big hit back then. It is a redemption card and it is long expired, but at least it has a picture of the player on it. If you can read the back and see the other subjects in this series you can get a laugh...) #708 Steve Bedrosian Atlanta Braves (I had a friend in little league who was a Bedrosian fan-I loved to pull his cards and unload them on him)
#681 Troy Percival RC California Angels (Yep, this is Percy’s RC. It shows his numbers at AA Midland from ’92, he was 3-0 with a 2.37 ERA, Call that kid up!)
#613 Mark Williamson Baltimore Orioles
#673 Kirk Gibson Detroit Tigers (Gibby was on his way out, but I can never get that image of him limping around the bases out of my mind)
#710 Paul Wagner RC Pittsburgh Pirates
#701 John Jaha Milwaukee Brewers (After his playing career ended, John became a model-kidding…)
#679 Scott Sanderson California Angels
Okay, another pack down. I think that Troy Percival rookie card might be the most interesting thing I've found so far. I am sure it's a common card, but Percy has a shot at the Hall someday… Theses SC are the oldest cards in the break and none of them are stuck together at all. They are in an old school wax pack and the cards are perfect out of the pack. Both Pinnacle brands are in foil packs and are stuck together like crazy… Another pack of X Press is up next! I am seriously enjoying this trip down memory lane. Is anyone else? Are y'all bored of these by now? I should tell you that I have inside info that says the next pack I rip doesn't have any Braves in it, stay tuned!
Troll out!


  1. Okay now, Troll, you know I got your back right and I am a fellow traveler in the quest for a few more folks in the Hall of Fame (Bert and Rock) but I think the ripping is getting to you! Percival's only shot at the Hall is as a visitor. He is no way no how a HOFer. Troy Percival=really good.
    Well he would make the Hall of Fame of guys named Troy but not the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
    okay resume ripping!

  2. Just keep pulling those Dodgers I don't have and I'll be glued. Good to hear there won't be any Braves the next pack.

  3. Duane, sometimes ya gotta type something just to see if folks are reading... The logic behind the voting defies logic so much that nothing surprises me anymore however. I stand by the fact that it was cool to see that was his rookie...thanks for reading!