Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pack 9 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press

I know I had promised the rest of my blogger award preview as my 300th post, but I am going to have to “back” out of that. I woke today with a major back pain-I have a bunch of herniated discs and sometimes I can deal really well, but today I can’t. This means less typing, less time sitting in front of a computer. So, how about some more pack rips??? Okay, let’s do it…Here is pack #9 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press:
#136 Deivi Cruz 1997 Rookie Detroit Tigers
#149 Commons Checklist Greg Maddux (any excuse to get more Braves in this series)
#120 Bubba Trammell Star Rookie Detroit Tigers (Bubba was soon picked up by the D-Rays in the expansion draft-I thought for sure he would be a 40 homerun guy)
#108 Brian Jordan St Louis Cardinals (Brian drove in 104 in ’96)
#5 Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox (The Big Hurt’s line in ’96-.349/40/134-He was the Pujols of the 90’s!)
#116 Andruw Jones Star Rookie Atlanta Braves (Is this Braves card number 6,012?)
#??? Booster Points Game Card +5
#40 Eric Young Colorado Rockies (EY SR hit .324 in ’96)
#27 Edgar Martinez Seattle Mariners (The greatest DH of all time? He had a typical year in ’96-.327/26/103. Will he go to Cooperstown?)
Okay, that is it. The Braves stack is towering over all others. The Rockies are close, but in no danger of catching the Braves… I will post as many as my stupid back will allow…Till the next one, troll out.

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  1. Now the official congrats for your 300th post. Take it easy and feel better my friend!