Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rolling and Ripping-1994 Pinnacle Series 2, Pack Number 4

I have never spent so much time ripping packs in my life!!! At 14 cards per pack, with them all being stuck together (none damaged yet) these are like ripping 3 packs of ’09. Anyway, I haven’t ripped a pack of Stadium Club all day; these Pinnacles are too much fun! Here is what we got: #428 Ozzie Guillen Chicago White Sox (a nice action shot of the White Sox’s former captain and current soft-spoken manager)
#438 Derek Lee San Diego Padres
#475 Harold Reynolds San Diego Padres (two consecutive Padres portraits-one guy on his way up, one on his way out…)
#420 Corey Bailey Rookie Prospect Boston Red Sox
#516 Dennis Martinez Cleveland Indians (El Presidente is all too thrilled to have a bat in his hand… He was a career .142 hitter, never hit a homerun, but did drive in 33 runs in 520 at-bats, he even stole a base! Martinez had a career resurrection with the Indians-he would represent them in his 4th All Star game in ’95 at age 40)
#505 Alex Gonzalez Rookie Prospect Toronto Blue Jays (another future Devil Ray!)
#294 Darryl Strawberry LA Dodgers… Darryl hit just 5 homers in both ’92 and ’93 and those would be his best power totals till he smashed 11 for the Yankees in ’96. He came back and hit 24 in ’98 when he picked up his 3rd World Series ring)
#321 Darryl Kile Houston Astros (Kile was 15-8 for the Stros in ’93)
#307 Jim Gott LA Dodgers (Looks like Gott got the save-Piazza gave him 25 celebratory high fives in ’93)
#460 Kevin Stocker Philadelphia Phillies (Stocker hit .324 in 70 games as a rookie for the Phils in ’93-5 years later he would be the Devil Rays opening day shortstop)
#416 Alex Diaz Milwaukee Brewers (Diaz lost his hat, but hopefully made the catch)
#468 Pete Incaviglia Philadelphia Phillies (Pete hit 24 bombs for the Phillies in ’93-he also struck out 82 times which was really low for him. As a rookie in ’86 he whiffed 185 times!)
#328 Craig Paquette Oakland A’s (the back of the card cites that CP had a .229 batting average with runners in scoring position. Surprised it doesn’t say Mr. Clutch on the front of the card)
#369 Brett Butler LA Dodgers (This guy was one of the best bunters ever! That’s what he is doing on the front and back of this card-Butler stole 39 bags for the Dodgers in ’93. He had 558 over his career which ranks him 24th All Time. His 147 sacrifice bunts puts him 176th of All Time.) Okay, that’s it for pack #4 of ’94 Pinnacle. I keep on telling myself that I am only going to post 1 scan per pack, but these pics are so cool and most of them I have never seen on the blog-o-sphere. Do you guys like the extra pics? I hope so! Oh, and every post past 3 PM Eastern is scheduled-I will be at work till midnight, but don't get upset if I don't reply to a comment or email...Till the next one, troll out!


  1. Still concerned that you're not getting any sleep! yikes.

  2. Bleah. 3 Dodgers and I have them all. Come on No. 115!

  3. Great Diaz and Butler pics. I like seeing the cards, but I know scanning all of them is time consuming.
    This box is not Ranger friendly. 0 so far, and only one Mariner.

  4. I haven't heard Cory Bailey's name in a few years. While he wasn't very good for the Royals, I do remember one instance when he one both games of a double header.