Monday, December 21, 2009

Ripping Pack Number 3 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press!

While I was hoping to rip on Steve Howe a little before I ripped open any more packs, but I suppose I must continue… Here is the next pack of X Press starting now:
#60 David Cone New York Yankees
#148 Commons Checklist featuring Roger Clemens Toronto Blue Jays
#4 Juan Gonzalez Texas Rangers (coming off a season where he hit 47 homers, batted .314 and drove in 144-WOW!)
#92 Ryan Klesko Atlanta Braves
#26 Garrett Anderson California Angels
#66 Omar Vizquel Cleveland Indians
#115 Joe Carter Toronto Blue Jays (one day I am going to go off and write my longest post ever and it will be about Joe Carter… I can make a case for Carter to Cooperstown… He is one of my All Time favs and one of the greatest sluggers of the 80’s and 90’s-drove in 107 in ’96)
Swing for the Fences game card, Vinny Castilla Colorado Rockies
And the final card of this pack… #72 of Rangers third baseman Dean Palmer (had a GREAT year in ’96, hit 38 homers and drove in 107-the Rangers could score back then for sure!)
Okay, that’s pack #3… I think I am going to dip into the Pinnacle Series 2 very soon, but maybe not till morning. Stay tuned either way, we have 78 more packs to rip. Starting to wonder what I got myself into… I love this hobby! Troll out.


  1. those are some nice looking cards!!

  2. A double Ranger pack...that never happens to me.

  3. still no Cardinals? what kind of sorcery is this?