Monday, December 21, 2009

Every Team has Been Picked for the Group Break... We are Ready to Rip, Please Read This Post and Get Ready!!!!!!!!

We are ready to rip!!! Before I do, I wanted to lay out the team slots for everyone to see. If I made any mistakes-please let me know…
Atlanta Braves-Captain Canuck
Baltimore Orioles-Orioles Magic
Boston Red Sox-Adam E
California Angels-Drew’s Cards
Chicago Cubs-Wrigley Wax
Chicago White Sox-Steve, WSC
Cincinnati Reds-Nachos Grande
Cleveland Indians-Saints of the Cheap Seats (care of Adam E)
Colorado Rockies-Troy
Detroit Tigers-Grand Cards
Florida Marlins-Wicked Ortega
Houston Astros-Anthony K
Kansas City Royals-Collective Troll
LA Dodgers-Night Owl
Milwaukee Brewers-Roll out the Barrel
Minnesota Twins-Drew’s Cards
Montreal Expos-Captain Canuck
New York Mets-Wicked Ortega
New York Yankees-Nico
Oakland A’s-Nico
Philadelphia Phillies-Smitty
Pittsburgh Pirates-Nachos Grande
San Diego Padres-Rod Padrographs
San Francisco Giants-Omega Wax
Seattle Mariners-Play at the Plate
St Louis Cardinals-Madding
Texas Rangers-Play at the Plate
Toronto Blue Jays-Democratic Roadkill
Everything went REALLY smooth with the team selections. I spent the weekend helping my mother in law move into a new apartment-I took a break every few hours, found a computer and checked on things. I was shocked and pleased with how many people wanted to be involved and how quickly the teams were picked. I was worried that everyone would want the same team and I would end up having to take 12 teams myself, but that was not the case. I ended up with the Kansas City Royals for myself. I am not disappointed-I had actually hoped that I would end up with a team in this, I am glad I only have 1! The only issue we had with selections was this… Not really an issue, but two collectors picked the same team within 5 minutes. Nico, the Oakland A’s are your team as you picked them first. IF you wanted to allow the other person to get in for the A’s-let me know, otherwise, let’s start ripping!!! I am going to start off with the1993 Topps Stadium Club and rip about 10 packs today and then some more tomorrow. I will post these rips one pack at a time. I will show one picture from each pack, but I will list every card and the player’s team as well. There are 14 cards per pack, 24 packs per box. That should yield 336 cards out of this box. In a perfect world each slot will get 12 cards. I found a card from this set in my PC, so this is a sample. It is card #609 of Hall of Famer Dave Winfield-listed as DH/OF but shown playing first base. I actually really like the design on these, but I REALLY like that Stadium Club shows the player’s Topps Rookie Card on the back. Its especially cool with vets like Winfield here, his rookie is from the ’74 Topps set. These cards have some of the best photography of any cards to date, so great, some goofy, but all very edgy. The card back also shares a fun fact about the featured player, like "Dave Winfield loves to play in Toronto". Also, here is an example of the pack. These are wax packs, not foil. There is no gum in the pack, but there may be a risk of wax stains on the back of one card per pack. The pack doesn’t list the odds of pulling inserts. I know there are parallels in this. If I remember correctly (and it has been 17 years since I’ve ripped a pack of this) the First Day Production stamped cards are one per box. There are also Members Choice cards. I think there are special cards inserted to commemorate the two expansion teams-the Florida Marlins and the Colorado Rockies. Anything else that is in there will be a surprise to me and everyone else. Please check back frequently on this little blog as I will probable post between 10 and 15 times today. Tomorrow I will finish up the Stadium Club and get cracking on the 1994 Pinnacle. I will be going by the flea market this afternoon to find the 3rd box of cards-whatever I can find. Please review the team slot list and contact me if I made any errors. If you are in and know what you are sending me, please send me an e-mail with card numbers and the like if possible so I can update my needs lists. If you have traded with me before, there is NO RUSH getting your cards out to me. I trust you guys, I know this is a hectic and crazy time of year and I don’t want you all to go crazier than you have to because of me. Okay, I think that covers everything. Stay tuned, the first pack will be ripped within an hour!!! Thanks to everyone who is participating, this is gonna be fun!!! Again, if you are a new trader, please email me your mailing address as well which cards you are offering me. If you "bought" a slot for another collector and they are a regular trader of mine and you want me to ship to them directly, let me know and I will tell you if that is possible. You can contact me at bacontowne at yahooo dot com. On a totally different topic… Drew’s Cards has posted all of the nominees for the 2009 Blogger Awards, please go check them out and VOTE!!! I will be posting a lot more on this topic, so again, stay tuned! I love this hobby, troll out.

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