Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1997 Pinnacle X Press-Ripfest, Pack Number 4!

Moving right along… I can’t stop ripping these ’97 X Press! I am getting pretty into it considering I don’t really get to keep any of them… I bought the only box the guy at the card shop had. I am getting pretty into this design. I wonder how cheap boxes are online? I think I wanna try and track down some more and try to build the set. I have finished Pinnacle Series 1 and 2 from 1995 and am still in progress on 1995 and 1996-maybe this one would be a good one to add to that wing of my collection… Anyway, let’s see how the collation is as we rip open the fourth pack. Here is what we got:
#142 Randy Johnson Seattle Mariners PEAK PERFORMERS (the back of the card cites that Johnson started off the ’97 season 10-1. Wow! That also tells us this product was a late season release…)
#1 Larry Walker Colorado Rockies (Rockies, Rockies everywhere! Walker only drove in 58 runs in ’96, yet he got card #1? Again, late season release. He was on his way to a monster year in ’97. He started in the All Star game, won the NL MVP Award and batted .366 with 49 homers and 130 RBI. Gotta love Coors Field numbers!)
#78 Dave Nilsson Milwaukee Brewers (Nilsson hit .331 in ’96)
#63 Jermaine Dye Kansas City Royals (another card for me! Dye already 325 career homers, good for 95th All Time and he’s only 35 and should have a few more good years left)
Swing for the Fences game card, Moises Alou, Florida Marlins
#28 Dante Bichette Colorado Rockies (The Blake Street Bombers put up HUGE numbers in the late 90’s-Bichette drove in 141 in ’96)
#133 Matt Morris ROOKIE St Louis Cardinals (Morris was 12-9 as a rookie in ’97 and finished 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting. He won 22 games in 2001)
#83 Bobby Higginson Detroit Tigers (I think this is the first Tigers card pulled so far. Higgy would finish the ’97 season batting .299 with 27 homers and 101 RBI.)
#56 Ken Caminiti San Diego Padres (He was the NL’s reigning MVP. Batted .326 with 40 homers and 130 RBI in ’96. Caminiti played 15 seasons in the big leagues and that was the ONLY time he topped 100 RBI)
That pack was seriously loaded with sluggers-most of whom had very short flashes of greatness. The more I see of these cards, the more I like ‘em! I have 32 more packs of X Press to rip. I will either be completely obsessed or totally sick of them by the time I am done. I love this hobby, troll out.


  1. Woo! Higgy! Keep the good times a rollin'

  2. So far, two Mariners in the whole break and they are both Peak Performers!!