Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ripping Wax, Pack #11 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press... A Braves-Free Break...

Back to the break… How about pack #11 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press? This was a good one… I pulled A-Roid and Jeter consecutively. You have to imagine me laughing to myself as I scanned the two together. It was a tough decision as to who was on top and who was the bottom… I really am morally opposed to gay jokes, but with two its hard to resist… They just make such a cute couple! Anyway, I am finally starting to pull some Indians cards (and didn't pull any Braves). I ripped a few packs ahead so I could scan them all at once, so I know what I am saying when I say a few… I mentioned I was a Marlins fan in ’97. I was, but even I didn’t think they could beat the mighty Indians. Top to bottom they had one of the best hitting line-ups of all time. The guy who got it all started was this man:
#6 Kenny Lofton Cleveland Indians (Lofton only stole 27 bases in ’97 and he broke his streak of 6 consecutive stolen base crowns. He is 15th All Time with 622 steals. When I look at the players from this era and think about the Hall of Fame-all of steroids and inflated power numbers-I think Lofton stands a better chance than anyone at making it. His stolen bases weren’t aided by a juiced ball or juiced player and he is 56th All Time with 1528 runs scored. Just something to think about…)
#15 Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners ( A-Roid had ridiculous triple crown numbers in ’96-.358/36/123)
#30 Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants (All you have to do is talk (type) about steroids and juice and blammo, Bonds appears)
#87 Jason Giambi Oakland A’s (and so does Giambi…)
#??? Swing for the Fences Game Card -2
#96 Randy Johnson Seattle Mariners (In the juiced era, they still couldn’t hit Johnson…He only started 8 games in ’96, but came back to win 20 in ‘97)
#32 Derek Jeter NY Yankees
#124 Dmitri Young St Louis Cardinals (Where is the Meat Hook??? Is he still active?)
#150 Chase Checklist featuring Hideo Nomo LA Dodgers (This one is for you Owl!)
Pack 11 is posted and done…A lot of juicers and a few potential future Hall of Famers, a nice Who’s Who of the 90’s… Christmas is coming and I am not close to ready… I decided to listen for a change and didn’t get my wife anything this year. She says “Don’t get me anything” each and every year and this year I actually did it (or didn’t do it). I will let y’all know how that works out for me…troll out.


  1. HA! It wasn't a Braves free post. That's Kenny Lofton of the Braves baby!

  2. Just seeing if you were paying attention Cap'n!