Monday, December 21, 2009

Pack 2 Rip Results

Okay, who is ready for pack #2? This one was more fun than the first. I was a ripper in ’94 and those were the pre relic and autograph days. That was even before all of the card companies went totally crazy with inserts and big hits. The best you could hope for were star cards. The biggest stars back then were Ken Griffey Jr and The Big Hurt Frank Thomas. I think it was pretty great to pull Chippers and any of the Braves star pitchers. Cal Ripken Jr was golden and the Cleveland Indians young sluggers like Carlos Baerga, Albert Belle and Manny Ramirez were pretty awesome, too. Anyway, please excuse my stroll down memory lane; here is pack #2…
Card #622 Willie Wilson Chicago Cubs (I really don’t like seeing Willie in any uniform other than the KC Royals)
Card # 713 Manuel Lee Texas Rangers
Card #638 Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves
Card #616 Dante Bichette (Dante had just 5 homers in ’92)
Card #645 Randy Bush Minnesota Twins
Card #671 Jerald Clark Colorado Rockies
Card #718 David Nied Colorado Rockies (3rd Rockie in one pack)
Card ??? Stadium Club Membership form (anyone?)
Card #662 Dan Wilson Cincinnati Reds
Card #746 Frank Thomas MEMBERS CHOICE (I thought Members Choice would be a parallel, apparently it is part of the regular series. The scan doesn’t really show it, but this card is a little bit shinier)
Card #602 Jeff Reardon Cincinnati Reds
Card #686 Tim Wallach LA Dodgers
Card #657 Kevin Seitzer Oakland As (I thought for sure that Seitzer was going to be the next George Brett-did anyone else?)
Card #701 John Jaha Milwaukee Brewers
Card #676 Ricky Gutierrez San Diego Padres
Okay, that was pack 2. There were 15 cards total-I guess the Stadium Club membership form didn’t count as a card. Three Rockies in one pack seems excessive, but overall a pretty awesome pack… Pack 3 is coming…troll out.