Monday, December 21, 2009

Stadium Club Pack Rip #4

Trying to move right along because I still have A LOT of packs to tear through and post. Here we go: This pack rip #4 of 1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 3...
#660 David Justice Atlanta Braves #692 Steve Decker Florida Marlins (another Marlin catcher)
#703 David Cone Kansas City Royals (the first Royals card!)
#648 Jose Guzman Chicago Cubs
#743 Charlie Hayes Colorado Rockies (the greatest pinch hitter of his generation)
#730 Jim Tatum Colorado Rockies
#720 Nigel Wilson Florida Marlins (the guy who was supposed to wipe Hank Aaron off the record books and bring glory to Florida!)
#738 Steve Howe New York Yankees (I really don’t want to post another pack till we get at least one Steve Howe joke here)
#658 Lonnie Smith Pittsburgh Pirates
#606 Greg Hibbard Chicago Cubs
#721 Mike Beilecki Cleveland Indians
#650 Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves
#696 Tony Tarasco RC Atlanta Braves
#641 Dave Stieb Chicago White Sox (seeing him a White Sox uniform is weird)
Okay, there ya go, pack #4. This set seems to be focused on the Braves and the two expansion teams. Good looking cards though and still have 20 of these left to go… troll out. Get cracking on the Steve Howe jokes!


  1. DAMN my man Dave Stieb(shout out to the guys at The Tao of Stieb) and he isn't even in a Jays uni! Oh well....and still no Jays!

  2. First Stadium Club pack with no's ok though, some people have nothing yet! Good luck guys.