Monday, December 28, 2009

Pack #9 of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2, Plus Some Exciting News...

So my wife got me a laptop for Christmas!!!!!!! This is awesome!!! Life without a computer was pretty bad… I haven’t tried it yet and I am still posting this break from my parents computer and I will still have to scan over there, but I have a flash drive that I can keep on filling full of scans and I will now be able to post from home, woo hoo!!! Thanks Esther Gin N Juice!!! Here we go with Pack #9 of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2…
#327 Phil Hiatt KC Royals
#417 Jeffrey Hammonds Baltimore Orioles (Batted .296 with 8 homers and 31 RBI in ’94-finished 6th in ROY voting)
#468 Pete Incaviglia Philadelphia Phillies
#286 Roberto Kelly Cincinnati Reds (Kelly came to the Reds in the Paul O’Neill trade after the ’92 season. Over his career he was traded for Deion Sanders, Marquis Grissom and Henry Rodriguez. He was an All Star with the Reds in his first season there-he hit .319)
#481 Tim Pugh Cincinnati Reds (He was 10-15 for the Reds in ’93 in his only full season in the Big Leagues)
#488 Mike McFarlane KC Royals (McFarlane was a really great defensive catcher and he got beaned a lot… Led the league in getting hit by a pitch in ’92 and ’94. He is 74th All Time in that category)
#306 Jose Canseco Texas Rangers (It’s a bat Jose, it’s a bat…)
#502 Brian Hunter Pittsburgh Pirates (There were two different Brian Hunters in the mid-90s. This would be Brian Ronald Hunter, the slugging first baseman)
#446 Andres Galarraga Colorado Rockies (The Big Cat had some HUGE years with the Rockies, but more impressive to me was his first year in Atlanta when he hit .305 with 44 homers and 121 RBI without the benefit of Coors Field as his home field. He was diagnosed with cancer following that first season in Atlanta. He missed the entire 1999 season treating the cancer and returned in 2000, starting the All Star game, winning Comeback Player of the Year Honors and driving in 100 runs for the Braves. Galarraga finished his career with 399 homers-46th All Time)
#299 Brent Gates Oakland A’s (Gates played a full season as a first year rookie in ’93 and set personal bests for his 7 year career and he finished 6th in ROY voting)
#429 Alan Trammell Detroit Tigers (Trammell finished second in the MVP voting to George Bell in ’87. Trammell’s OBP was 50 points higher and AT prevailed in every stack aside from HR, RBI and SLG%, yet Bell won the award. Trammell’s numbers that year were his best ever overall-he batted .343 with 28 homers and 105 RBI. He also stole 21 bases while only being caught twice. Wow. The other WOW thing about Trammell is he spent his entire 20 year career in Detroit.)
#439 Tom Pagnozzi St Louis Cardinals (Kinda the Mike McFarlane of the NL-great glove, Golden even 3 times, not a whole lot of offense, but a really great catcher…I expected to see him as a big league manager)
#293 Rick Aguilera Minnesota Twins (Once Minnesota converted him to a stopper, he was awesome… Saved 42 games in the regular season in ’91, then saved 5 more in the postseason on the way to Aguilera’s second ring)
#524 Keith Mitchell Seattle Mariners (Kevin’s cousin spent parts of 4 big league seasons with 4 different clubs. He had a 16 year career in the minors). Another pack down. The next one may be posted courtesy of my awesome new laptop! This doesn't mean I can't flit around and do on location pack breaks, it just means I don't have to totally bother my friends and family just to post. I really can't believe I lasted a month without one. Now don't forget to vote for the blogger awards!!! Click here to see the nominees. Troll out.


  1. I witnessed both Brian Hunters, inluding one in ATL.
    Neither can be described as "Slugging".
    Unless one of them starts dating Rhianna.

    oooooooohhhh... was that in poor taste?

  2. Def not in poor taste...Actually hilarious... I meant he was a slugger in the sense that he wasn't the speedy Hunter...

  3. Congrats on the laptop. I'm glad that someone got some cool gifts.

  4. That Canseco pic must have been post-injection...