Saturday, December 26, 2009

Removing Cards From Old Foil Packs-Pack #8 of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2

Gosh, I really hope that I can have all of these pack-rips posted before the year is out, after this post I am 1/3 of the way there on this box… I got over 100 packs in the mail from readers and other bloggers (WHICH I TOTALLY APPRECIATE!!!) and I think I need to turn this blog into a pack a day pack ripping blog… The wife and I are celebrating Boxing Day with our duplex neighbors the super awesome Lydia and Chris… We got them a board game for Christmas call “Oh No! Zombies!”… We took it for a spin and Lydia won, but we all laughed our butts off. Good times. They are letting me use their computer to post and Lydia is keeping the Starbucks coffee (Kenya blend) flowing. Here we go with pack #8 of ’94 Pinnacle. This is what we got-
#351 Steve Finley Houston Astros (Finley should be an inspiration to us all. This guy suffered from Bell’s palsy and was still a tough as nails ballplayer for 19 years. The Astros were his 4th team (he played for 8 different total) and in ’93 he hit 13 triples to lead the NL. Over Finley’s career he racked up totals placing him in the All-Time Top-100 in games, runs, hits, doubles, triples and extra base hits. Plus he earned 5 Gold Gloves as a centerfielder and he won a ring in 2001 with the D-Backs)
#341 Angel Miranda Milwaukee Brewers
#539 Paul Spoljaric Toronto Blue Jays
#278 Randy Johnson Seattle Mariners (Struck out 308 batters in 1993 and held batters to a .203 batting average)
#451 Mike Gallego New York Yankees
#358 Marquis Grissom Montreal Expos (Grissom stole 53 bases for the Expos in ’93. He stole 429 over his 17 year career-good for 56th All-Time)
#421 Denny Hocking Minnesota Twins (Hocking played every position other than pitcher or catcher over his 13 year career)
#402 Joe Oliver Cincinnati Reds (In ’87 Oliver played for the Vermont Reds and was the starting catcher in the Eastern League All Star game held at Beehive Field, he went on to bat .305 in AA that year AND by 1990 he took over as the Cincinnati Reds full-time catcher and helped them get to and win the World Series against Oakland that year and Oliver hit .333 in the Series)
#373 Orestes Destrade Florida Marlins (1993 was Destrade’s only full season in the Major leagues and he hit 20 homers for the Fish. He became a star in Japan and was the Tokyo Sportsman of the Year in 1992. After that he also worked for the Devil Rays for a few years. One of the nicest people I have ever met in baseball. He wrote his autobiography in 1996 and it is a recommended read)
#395 Jeremy Burnitz NY Mets (Burnitz topped 30 homers 6 times and hit 315 over his 14 year career)
#501 Pedro Martinez (Before he was a Phillie, before he retired and before he was on the Mets Pedro was an Expo. He made his first All Star team with Montreal and won his first Cy Young Award in 1997 as an Expo)
#405 Chris Turner California Angels (This was one of 3 different catchers in this pack)
#515 Dan Wilson Seattle Mariners (Wilson set a record going 42 at-bats without a hit in the postseason. Not good. He won a Silver Medal with the 1987 USA Junior National Team as a pitcher and a catcher)
#499 Lee Smith Baltimore Orioles (I made a comment about Troy Percival someday going the Hall of Fame earlier-I admit I was way off base with that. Lee Smith on the other hand IS a HOF caliber closer. He was an All Star 7 times and led the league in saves 4 times. He was 478 lifetime saves with is 3rd All Time)
That concludes another pack of junk wax. I thought this was a pretty good one. It had it all-two great starting pitchers, 2 really good centerfielders and a really great closer and the worst postseason hitter of all time. Not too shabby. I have noticed that the comments were frequent in the beginning of these rips, now not so frequent. Are y'all bored of this? Or are you just busy with Christmas and Boxing Day? I received a pretty amazing gift in the mail from a reader named Henry... Lets just say after this rip is done, I can still rip a pack a day for the next 3 months. Thanks Henry!!! Anytime you want to rip wax vicariously through me, I got ya covered! Until next time, troll out.


  1. get back to the packs with the Braves in them...

  2. The world needs more Mr. Trolls.

    Troll on Wheels is a good segment too. You could flit from house to house, drinking wine and scanning cards. What's the downside?