Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pack #13 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press-Guest Ripped by my Dad on Christmas Day!!!

Hope everyone had a super Merry Christmas and I hope no one has to work this weekend. Also, wanted to wish my neighbors to the North and friends in the UK, Nigeria and Australia a very Happy Boxing Day. If any of you want to explain the Holiday in the simplest of terms, I am listening-er, reading… This pack is special to me because it was opened by my Dad-Papa Troll himself. The man who bought me my first wax box (1983 Topps) and unintentionally got me hooked on this hobby… Wanted to keep the pack rippin’ rolling, here is a quick pack of 1997 Pinnacle X Press for your viewing pleasure…Here we go!
#148 Commons Checklist Roger Clemens Toronto Blue Jays (This is at least the second copy of this card I’ve pulled…)
#4 Juan Gonzalez Texas Rangers (Gonzo had a monster year in ’96-batted .314 with 47 homers and 144 RBI)
#60 David Cone NY Yankees (Coney batted left handed, but threw right. I never noticed that…)
#53 Javy Lopez Atlanta Braves (I think I’ve pulled a Javy from every brand in the break now)
#1 Larry Walker Colorado Rockies (A Canadian getting the first card in a set?)
#??? Swing For The Fences Game Card +1 (Seriously, does anyone want these?)
#111 Jason Kendall Pittsburgh Pirates (I was in Pirates camp for about a week during Kendall’s first year-he was AMAZING!!! Fast, powerful, funny, just an all around great athlete and great guy… He will make a great coach when he finally hangs it up-or maybe he’ll just be a beach bum surfer dude, full-time)
#67 Bernard Gilkey NY Mets (Gilkey hit .317/30/117 in ’96)
#143 Mark McGwire Peak Performers Oakland A’s (Okay, I was really psyched to finally pull a Big Mac from this series, BUT he’s in an A’s uniform. If you remember he is the cover boy on the packs in a Cards uniform-doesn’t make sense to me…)
Thanks so much to my Poppa for handling the ripping duties! My carpal tunnel was acting up… I had moved out of my folks house long before '97, but around that time my Dad and I worked together and when we took coffee breaks I would read the sports section and bore him with what was going on in the baseball world, so we talked about nearly every player pulled in this pack and it was really awesome! To Larry Walker-Have a Super Boxing Day Sir!!! Hope everyone is happy and relaxing with family and friends…troll out…

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