Monday, December 21, 2009

1997 Pinnacle X Press, Pack Break #1

I was going to wait and finish one box first before getting into the others, but I wondered-where is the fun in that? It’s been a LONG day. Moved the Mother-in-Law (who is an awesome and amazing woman and not at all like the stereotypical mother-in-law) all day yesterday, worked all night and then I spent an hour in line at the Post Office. When I got to the front, they were OUT of customs forms. How can the Post Office run out of a form that they require??? That seems pretty ridiculous. That said, all of the domestic packages that I promised are in transit, the other two will have to wait another day. Sorry. After that I started the hunt for more boxes to break and that took longer than expected. I need to go home because my Wifey should be getting out of work soon, but I have time to rip one!
Here it is, 1997 Pinnacle X Press, 8 cards per pack... Here is what we got:
#98 Billy Wagner Houston Astros (the Braves new closer...)
Pinnacle Swing for the Fences booster point card +2 (some type of a game I think, I didn't read it-fortunately it DOES NOT count as one of the 8 cards in the pack. Does anyone want to volunteer to take all of these booster point cards?
#52 John Smoltz Atlanta Braves (another future HOF hurler from the Braves staff)
#2 Andy Pettite New York Yankees (this is crazy, these cards are 13 years old and the first 3 cards I pull are of guys who are still active)
#33 Marquis Grissom Cleveland Indians
#73 Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs (coming off a 40 homer season, this is what the back looks like)
#62 Ray Durham Chicago White Sox (I was a huge Durham fan, I know I have this one in my PC)
#119 1997 Rookie Jose Guillen Pittsburgh Pirates (Nachos, if you want them, I have a TON of Guillen, Womack, Kendall cards from this era)
And the last (and best) card is number 31 of Barry Larkin, the Captain of the Cincinnati Reds. Soon enough I will be able to refer to him as HOF shortstop Barry Larkin. That’s the first pack. I like these cards. I know its junk wax, but I would call this premium junk (I love oxymorons). These cards are solid looking, decent design, great players, full color front and back. Not bad if I do say so myself. Okay, stay tuned, I will be ripping something else soon, who knows what it will be! Shifting gears once again, as promised I wanted to bring up the 2009 Blogger Awards again. Drew and Wicked Ortega have been hosting this thing, taking nominations and doing all kinds of work on it. The idea is to honor the best blogs of 2009, as voted on by your peers. I think it is a great idea and I think that Drew and crew are doing a great job of putting it all together. The nominees in every category have been named. I will say that I have been nominated for 2 different awards which truly is an honor and a surprise. The blog-o-sphere seems to be full of surprises and that was a big one for me. I really appreciate the recognition. It sounds cliché, but I AM honored to be nominated and I really appreciate the recognition. Please zoom on over to the Drew’s Cards blog and check out all of the nominees and you’re your picks. The voting for the 2009 Blogger Awards can be found here. PLEASE get involved and cast your vote so it truly becomes a peer award. troll out.


  1. OOh a Larkin - the box rip has been a success in my opinion after only 1 pack!