Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Rip Fest Continues... Pack #8 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press

Okay, here we go… this is the smallest amount of cards per pack, so therefore the quickest to post. Here is what we got: #25 Mariano Rivera New York Yankees (Mariano was 8-3 with 5 saves and 130 Ks in ’96)
#119 Jose Guillen 1997 Rookie Pittsburgh Pirates (Jose never panned out to be a star, but he still has a great arm and has a really long career)
#78 Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros (One of the Killer B’s, Bagwell hit .315 with 31 homers and 120 RBI in ’96)
#82 Darin Erstad California Angels
#??? Swing for the Fences Game Card -6
#73 Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs (SAMMY!)
#37 Fred McGriff Atlanta Braves (The 3rd future HOFer in this pack. The Crime Dog drove in 107 in ’96)
#95 Brian Hunter Detroit Tigers
#51 Lance Johnson New York Mets (From the Crime Dog to the One Dog… Lance stole 327 bases in his career and I have NO idea what he is doing with his hands...)
That’s all folks. Quickest post ever! Many more to come, but no more packs breaks today for the Troll. Working a double and ran out of time. Until tomorrow… troll out.


  1. Finnalyoff work so I can reply...

    On an earlier pack the Red Sox were like the 3rd most pulled. I think we are starting to fall behind.

    Come on Troll....

  2. Seriously, how many Braves have you pulled so far? 460?