Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Treats....

I am ridiculously far behind in posting trade packages and I apologize. I have got some pretty amazing stuff of late. Crawfords, Clementes and Bartletts oh my! I have also been on the receiving end of some AMAZING Christmas gifts from some amazing people. A huge thank you to Duane from Democratic Roadkill, Alfredo from My Past Time…I Love It! and Brian from Play at the Plate. You guys rule!!! I have also received some envelopes of awesomeness from readers, too. Thanks for the gifts to Frank, Sally, Derek and James. You guys went above and beyond. Man, I am just happy you read this! I have still yet to get anything from my own Secret Santa (tapping my foot) and I am pretty bummed about that. I thought the Secret Santa deal that Sarah organized was amazing and a very cool program to be involved with. At the time I was shopping I couldn’t rememeber how much we were to spend, so I dropped a fifty (oops!) so needless to say, I can’t wait till my recipient posts his cards, I think he is gonna be pretty happy! Over here at Troll HQ it doesn’t really feel like Christmas. Maybe its because it is 80 degrees out, I don’t know… We did (after much deliberation) decide to put up a tree and it is topped with a mini Rays helmet! We are getting ready to make the rounds and visit our Moms and Dad since I will be working all day tomorrow at All Charities. Thanks again to everyone! I didn’t think I would find my way on the good list this year, but I think I fooled some people… I will post the goodies soon. This wasn’t a gift, but it is soooo regal and spectacular looking that I couldn’t wait to post it. It came here by way of Paul from Carl Crawford Cards and it is my first slabbed Carl Crawford card. Graded cards are one of those things that I don’t really like (unless their in my mailbox!). Anyway, the card is from the 2001 Just Minors set. It is graded at a 9 with the autograph graded a 10. The signature looks nicer than some I've seen, but is Beckett really qualified to grade penmanship? Anyway, kidding aside, it is pretty awesome and I couldn't wait to take a picture and post it up. Thanks so much for thinking of me with this card Paul. I will find something more than suitable to return the favor with after the holiday. Anyway, off to my folks place, then my Momma-In-Law… Thanks to all and Happy Christmas Eve! Troll out.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Troll! Glad you dig the card----I had that and it HAD to be going to you. I really dig his how big and loopy his early autos are. And you're right about Beckett and penmanship---are they serious? Sorry I haven;t gotten the Peña statue up---it's coming!

    Once again---Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Awesome card. Congrats!!

    Merry Christmas!!