Sunday, December 27, 2009

One To Pack #15 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press!

We got a little bit more variety out of this pack… Probably cuz I let my wife rip this one. Here we go!
#131 Damon Mashore 1997 Rookie Oakland A’s (Not gonna lie, I never heard of him)
#64 Craig Biggio Houston Astros (First ballot HOFer for sure)
#??? Swing for the Fences Game Card David Justice Atl Braves (I told my wife that he was married to Halle Barry, she said “Before she was famous, right?”)
#103 Andy Benes St Louis Cardinals (copy #2 of this one)
#24 Rey Ordonez NY Mets (I think this is copy#3 of this one I think…)
#9 Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves (Greg was 15-11 in ’96)
#42 Mark McGwire Oakland A’s (Have I mentioned how ridiculous it is that McGwire is on the pack wrapper as a Cardinal, but in the set as an Oakland A? McGwire hit 52 bombs for Oakland in ’96)
#130 Jason Dickson California Angels (another one I have never heard of)
#45 Ryne Sandberg Chicago Cubs (SCORE!!! This is the first card of Rhino in the break. I can’t believe it took this long to pull one, but I am glad I did. He hit 25 homers in ’96)
Not a bad pack. One Hall of Famer. 2 guaranteed future Hall of Famers. One guy who will always raise the question… Until the next one, troll out!


  1. that would be Dave Justce of the Cleveland Indians o' dyslexic one....

  2. That has become a joke to me... Am I am the only one who thinks its funny???

  3. at least one of us is paying attention.

  4. I accidentally sent David over at Tribecards some Braves mixed in with Indians because they unis looked the same.