Monday, December 21, 2009

Stadium Club Pack Rip #3

Time to rip pack #3 of 1993 Stadium Club. The Pinnacles are a little bit newer and a little bit more exciting to rip, but this SC is still pretty awesome… Here we go with the third pack, first card out of the pack is:
#672 Doug Drabek Houston Astros (The 1990 Cy Young was 5th in voting in ’92 with 15-11 record and 2.77 ERA, not too shabby Doug…)
#737 Rob Natal Florida Marlins (one of several Marlins reserve catchers, nice Play at the Plate!)
#725 Jon Shave Texas Rangers
#665 Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves (Drabek was 5th behind the ’92 Cy Young winner Greg Maddux-GM was 20-11 with a 2.18 ERA for the Cubs. Is this Maddux’s first card as a Brave?)
#687 Matt Mieske Milwaukee Brewers
#619 Richie Lewis Florida Marlins (was 6-3 out of the ‘pen for the Fish in ’03)
#661 Fernando Valenzuala Baltimore Orioles (was 8-10 with 5 complete games for the O’s in ’93 after taking ’92 off)
#626 Steve Avery Atlanta Braves (would go to All Star game and win 18 games in ’93)
#639 Jimmie Key New York Yankees (fun fact: Jimmy was definitely a “key” to the Blue Jay’s stretch run)
#748 Roger Clemens Boston Red Sox MEMBERS CHOICE (these Members Choice cards are pretty neat, nice long bio on the back) #678 Otis Nixon Atlanta Braves (had 10 steals in month of May, 1992)
#644 Tony Fernandez New York Mets
#722 Kevin Young Pittsburgh Pirates
#640 Dave Martinez San Francisco Giants (would be an original Devil Ray!)
That was a pretty good pack. 14 cards, all players, no checklists or goofy stuff. What will I rip next??? Troll out.


  1. Still no Tigers... Oh, right. It was the mid-90's. Yikes.

  2. Yeah, I don't think there has been any Royals either. Oh well, I have about 80 more packs to tear up!