Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ripping Forward-Pack 10 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press

Onto pack #10 (of 36) of 1997 Pinnacle X Press… My back is still screaming and I’ve been listening to Concrete Blonde (thanks Can’t Have Too Many Cards for planting that seed!) and reminiscing about being a teenager and feeling really old… I was already a 20 something by the time these packs came out, but I was pretty immature and that will likely never change… This pack (the 27th overall) is the first pack I have ripped (I’m probably exaggerating) that didn’t have a single Braves card in it…Here we go…
#82 Darin Erstad California Angels (I think this is the 3rd Erstad card pulled)
#102 Kevin Brown Florida Marlins (Ahh, Brown in 1997… What can I say about this d-bag? Well, the Fish won the Series that year, DESPITE Brown. I wondered how much money he had bet on Cleveland to win cuz he was AWFUL in the Series. This was pre-Devil Rays and the Fish were MY team. I drove to Miami many times to cheer them on that year, I drove to Atlanta, and I flew to New York to see them. I probably saw them play 30 games that season… Brown was okay in the regular season, he was an All Star and went 16 – 8 and topped 200 Ks for the first time in his career. He was decent in the NLCS against Atlanta. He won the game I saw, but didn’t pitch great. In the Series he SUCKED!!! He lost 2 games and gave up 15 hits and 10 runs in 10 innings. After the ’97 season the Fish dealt him to San Diego and he went on to lead all of baseball in salary for 5 or 6 straight years. I am not a Kevin Brown fan. I wish I had some photo shop skills cuz I would tear this card up!)
#95 Brian Hunter Detroit Tigers (Is he the only Tiger in this set? I think I’ve pulled a few of this one)
#99 John Wetteland Texas Rangers (After winning the Series for the Yanks in ’96 he left as a free agent and went to Texas and had another good year-7-2/1.94 ERA and 31 saves. He is 11th on the All Time Saves list)
#22 Rusty Greer Texas Rangers (this is a Rangers HOT pack. I liked Rusty, he hit .332 and drove in 100 in ’96)
#55 Kevin Appier KC Royals (Appier was the Zack Greinke of the 90’s. A good pitcher on a bad team. He led the AL in ERA in ’93 when he was 18-8 with a 2.56 ERA)
#??? Swing for the Fences Game Card Vladimir Guerrero
#107 Bobby Bonilla Florida Marlins (Bobby Bo drove in 96 for the Fish in ’97-he added a homer and 3 more ribbys in the WS)
#35 Ivan Rodriguez Texas Rangers (3 Rangers out of 9 cards-Merry Christmas Brian! Pudge hit .313 in ’97 and played in his 6th straight All Star game. This guy revolutionized the position of catcher)
That’s it. Seriously no Braves. Not really good variety and the frequency of duplicates is troubling me, but I am still loving this…

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