Thursday, March 4, 2010

AMAZING Magnificent MINI Madness!!!

Duane from the Democratic Roadkill Blog has been hooking me up with amazing Allen and Ginter cards for a while now. A few weeks back I got a mind blowing package filled with amazing inserts and minis from the 2008 set which I really need to get scanned. I opened 3 hobby boxes worth of the product and never pulled a single card from the Baseball Legends minis set. He hooked me up with TEN of them! I want to dedicate a special post to all of these awesome cards, but I can’t resist showing 1 right now. This is the first Jackie Robinson mini that I have ever seen! He also included a pair of Ginter Ad back cards of former Negro Leaguers Clyde Parris and my friend Willie Williams. There is a pair of Pablo Picasso minis and four more Rays minis with Ginter backs. I seriously love this series of cards! He also included my first Pat Neshek mini. I think that over half of my Neshek collection is Ginter cards. I can’t resist showing another Baseball Legends mini, so here is Johnny Mize. You will have to wait to see the other 8 in all of their glory. The trade pack included more Rays for my collection and more great Allen and Ginter cards. He finished off my State Card set and got me very close to finishing the 2008 Allen and Ginter base set, 1-350. For those concerned, the few cards I still need are: 43,55,83,95,238,305,315,318,320,341 and 348. Another thing that DR included in the package that I will tease, but will save for later to show in its entirety is the complete set of Worlds Victories cards. AWESOME! With all of these amazing cards I saved the best for last. This card absolutely blew me away and I honestly never imagined seeing one of these, never mind owning it. It is a mini, but its number is 399. The set ended at 350 making this an EXTENDED MINI! Absolutely amazing! I think the only way to pull an extended mini is by desecrating a rip card which I think are case hits. From there the odds of getting this one are astronomical. This is easily the best BJ Upton card I own and have ever seen. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much Duane, you have been hooking me up huge for nearly a year now. From my first Evan Longoria card to my first Rays relic to my first Allen and Ginter card and then mini to my first extended mini, wow, you are the best! A huge thank you to Duane and the Democratic Roadkill Blog! Thanks for reading and checking out the sweet new additions to my collection. Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. That Robinson truly is a beauty. A&G was A+ in '08...and Duane is an A+ trader.

  2. Thanks guys...i am just trying to keep up with high bar that one TROLL sets across the internets....dont think i dont have more cards for you....bc i do!!!

  3. Troll, I am one jealous dude! I love the minis and that is one heckuva haul. Great new header!