Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Longoria Reload

I have started and stopped writing this post about 20 times since it came to me 2 weeks ago. I finally scrapped the drafts and I am starting over. This is a Blogger Kindness package from Justin G. of the Tampa Bay Sports Wasteland Blog, Evan Longoria edition. I lost a lot of Longo cards a few weeks back. Nothing too fancy, just a bunch of random cards from 2008-2010. Well, Justin G. came to the rescue and replaced some and hooked me up with some new ones, too. I won’t repost the inserts from 2010 Topps that I have already shown to death, I will stick to cards that I haven’t shown before on here. In no particular order, here is the Longoria Train. No, not THAT one... Starting with 2008 Stadium Club, card #108 with the silver 1st foil stamp on it. I really like this picture. Cocky and classy all at once. Fitting for a young superstar. Next up is an Upper Deck 20th Anniversary insert from 2008 UD. It is card #UDC20-UD77 and it is gold foil gone wild up the side of the card. It is a little gaudy with all the gold, but the up close batting shot and the fact that I hadn’t seen this card before make it a winner for me. From great Upper Deck photography to goofy UD photography, here is a 20th Anniversary Baseball Heroes card, #BHA-3 of Longo. The profile shot carefully avoids his helmet logo and the action shot is small and just blurry enough to not show too much jersey. Even though I have shown it 3 or 4 times before, I like seeing the regular and gold versions of 2010 Topps Town side by side and he sent them both, so why not. My favorite of the bunch was the smallest card in the package. It is a 2008 Allen and Ginter BLACK bordered mini and it is awesome! I don’t plan on chasing the black border parallel of this set, but I don’t mind having a few in my collection, especially this one. Thanks again to Justin G. and the Wasteland for hooking it up! Thanks to all the kind and generous bloggers out there who have done the same. Perhaps I will remember to bring my flash drive with me next time I work a double outside. Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. Far out. That sure is a good start, good that you're getting back on that horse. Hate to lose a good collector.

    The back of Eva's hair looks funny in that picture for some reason. No big deal. the rest of her looks pretty OK.