Wednesday, March 3, 2010

X Fractor Awesomeness!

Greetings and good afternoon Trollites! The Tampa Bay Rays had their first pitch of the spring season against the Baltimore Orioles about 2 hours ago in Sarasota, Florida. I REALLY wanted to go, but I had a big test today and work soon, so I had to pass. I had also planned a big post on all of the hits and dupes that I have gathered from 2010 Topps. I have all the cards scanned, but I don’t think I will be able to post, but I will try. I didn’t want to not post before work, so here is a quick post of 2008 Topps Chrome X Fractors. Almost all of these have been posted previously; they have all come in trade. I have mentioned before that once I get more than 1 of any set or subset, I start to chase it. Well this is no different. When Play at the Plate sent the Aki card about a month ago I started searching around for the other ones. I found the elusive Gomes and Johnson cards this afternoon while sorting my 2010 Topps. Don’t ask. Anyway, here they are, poorly scanned, but X Fractorific! From 2008 Topps Chrome we have card #70 of Akinori Iwamura.
Card #86 of Carl Crawford.
Card #182 of Jonny Gomes.
And finally card #200 of Elliot Johnson. EJ should get some playing time in the first game of the spring as he and Rodriguez and Brignac and Aybar are all fighting for a job on the team. If anyone has the Carlos Pena, BJ Upton, Scott Kazmir or whomever else is in this set, please get in touch. Look for a monster post on 2010 Topps very soon. Oh, by the way, does anyone have advice on how to scan these awesome cards any better? Thanks to PatP, Night Owl, SotCS and Cards on Cards for these shiny cards! Since I have a minute and some space here, earlier this week I got a package from Chris OK of the Budget Cardboarding blog. He sent a huge stack of Pirates cards for my little Brother. THANKS!!! There were also some really nice legends cards from 2008 Stadium Club and cool Devil Rays cards that hopefully I will post later. He also included this Pat Burrell refractor from 2009 Topps Chrome. I think I have 2 others from that set and yes I am chasing it! THANKS Chris! In the outgoing mail department, Play at the Plate, Cardboard Junkie, Condition Poor, Thoughts and Sox and Cards on Cards should have mailbox love coming next week! Go Rays! Go Baseball! Troll out.


  1. Great collections of Xfactors, thanks for sharing. Glad you got the package okay, and i hope your little bro and his friends enjoy the cards. The legends i figured could be a history lesson of sorts for them. Not sure if i mentioned that, on my sticky. Look forward to a post of you taking them again and of the Rays cards. GO RAYS!

  2. That is a lot of x-fractory goodness.