Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clear Cut Blogger Kindness

Keeping up with the Blogger Kindness posts, here is the latest edition. This bunch of cards came to me from the Brooklyn Met from the Clear Cut Cards blog. He sent me a generous pile of Tampa Bay Rays cards. Here are some of the highlights. First up, from 2006 Topps Turkey Red, a RED Jonny Gomes, card #565. Gomes has 4 homers and 10 RBI through 10 spring training games to lead the Reds in both categories. Speaking of Reds... This card looks GREAT in red! He included a few more Gomes cards, but time is limited, so I am gonna limit this post to just 4 cards. Next up is a 2004 Donruss card of former Devil Rays pitcher Joe Kennedy. Joe was a huge favorite of mine and he is missed every day. I do plan on starting a Joe Kennedy player collection one of these days. For now I will never be disappointed getting one of his cards. Next up is an oldie but goodie, from 1998 Fleer Metal, card #107 of top expansion draft pick Tony Saunders. TS is still shown in his Marlins gear. Saunders was 9-18 in 2 seasons in Tampa Bay before throwing out his arm. The final card that I am going to show off is from 2008 UD Masterpieces, a dark green framed Masterpiece of Akinori Iwamura. I LOVE this card. I am a little worried though-if Iwamura is the key to the Rays future, where are they without him?Thanks so much for the note and thoughtful gift. I Hope to trade with you soon! For now, go check out the Brooklyn Mets great new blog, Clear Cut Cards. Also, be sure to check out my other blog, the Nitty Gritty, there is a little contest going on. Tomorrow night the player collection poll will be done and replaced with a CONTEST! Thanks to the Brooklyn Met. Go Rays! Troll out.