Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Steroid Free Top 31 Home Run Hitters of All Time

(This was originally posted in July, but someone asked me to re-post it so I updated totals for Junior and Thome and here it is, by popular demand (1 person) the Top-20 'Roids Free Home Run Hitters of All Time! Wait, just for fun I made the list a little longer and brought it up to the top-31. As you can see Fred McGriff has the most homers of anyone eligible for the Hall who isn't there yet. Oh, adding more pics turned out to be more of a pain than I wanted to deal with, so I stopped after 2. Sorry. )

Just for fun, because I am a total nerd and I have a few hours to kill before work, it is raining out and I am broke… I thought I would go through the All Time home run leaders list and remove the drug guys from it. Five-hundred home runs suddenly seem like a big deal again. Lou Gehrig is in the top twenty of All Time and the list looks that much better. Here it is: the All Time Top Twenty who hit the long ball through hard work and talent…

1. Hank Aaron 755 - Still my home run king.

2. Babe Ruth 714

3. Willie Mays 660 4. Ken Griffey Junior 630-And he is still active... One good year and he catches Mays.5. Frank Robinson 586

6. Harmon Killebrew 573

7. Jim Thome 564-The greatest slugger of this generation, most feared?Moved past Reggie in 2009. Does he have a team to play for in 2010?

8. Reggie Jackson 563

9. Mike Schmidt 548

10. Mickey Mantle 536

11. Jimmie Foxx 53412. Willie McCovey 521

12. Frank Thomas 521 If you had a vote, would you put the Big Hurt in the Hall on Ballot one?

12. Ted Williams 521

15. Ernie Banks 51215. Eddie Mathews 51217. Mel Ott 51118. Eddie Murray 504

19. Lou Gehrig 493

19. Fred McGriff 493-Being in the top 20 All Time makes the Crime Dog’s case for the Hall that much better…This didn't help him in 2009 though...

20. Stan Musial 475

20. Willie Stargell 475

21. Carlos Delgado 473 - Should Delgado get healthy enough to play again he can tear this list up pretty quickly. Maybe. He is 37, so maybe not. He played in 26 games last year and hit 4, but starting fresh in 2010, who knows?

22. Dave Winfield 465

23. Carl Yaztremski 452

24. Jeff Bagwell 449 I think Bagpipes is on the ballot in 2010 or is it 2011?25. Dave Kingman 442 Sky King didn't juice, did he? The guy was just a monster naturally, right?

26. Andre Dawson 438 Yep, he's in there.

27. Cal Ripken Jr. 431

28. Mike Piazza 427

29. Chipper Jones 426 Speaking of guys who can still climb this list...29. Billy Williams 426

31. Darrell Evans 414 I like seeing Evans on here. Did he have a nickname?That’s it. I think the list looks a lot better after removing the ‘roids guys. When I was a kid, the 500 Home Run Club was a huge deal, the steroid era has seriously tainted that. There is a lot of fantasy in baseball, but there needs to be more reality. At my job, if you fail a random drug test, you go to rehab or you lose your job. I think this list looks a lot "cleaner", what do you think? Let me knwo if I forgot anyone or added anybody that doesn't belong... I love this hobby! troll out.


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  2. With the exception of Griffey, Thome and McGriff, you just turned back the clock to 1989. Old days weren't so bad after all, were they?

  3. Excellent list. It'll be nice in another decade or so to see some new names added to the list as the post-steriod generation starts logging some time.

  4. The first 4 comments here are from the original post in July... Thanks for reading. Too tired to write a real post...

  5. well so long as amphetamines are not considered drugs. And that everyone pretends that this admission was never made:

    I really hate to burst everyones bubble but pretending that steroids appeared out of nowhere and showed up in MLB in the mid 90's is delusional. We all know the usage was rampant in other sports since at least the 60's and when you consider man's competitive would be shocked to learn the things that probably every guy on this "clean" list tried, legal or otherwise. The idea of knowing who was clean and who wasnt prior to testing is pure wishcasting.
    Sorry Troll.


  6. Shoot, even Jim Thome was hopped up on Drakes Cakes most of the 2003 season.

  7. I love the list, but all I know for sure is I hit all my homeruns in Little League without the use of PEDs...unless Ding Dongs and Dr. Pepper can be considered PEDs.