Friday, January 15, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Today was not a good day. The ongoing issues with the car came to a final unavoidable conflict on the way home from work this morning. I knew it was coming; I had even purchased some of the needed replacement parts already. My motto with my car is “If it’s broke, but will still drive short distances then I will drive it until it will drive no longer”. “No longer” occurred today. Okay, I knew I was gonna have to fix it, whatever. I started tearing it apart as soon as I got it home, at around 8 this morning. The taking it apart is somewhat fun for me and I am pretty good at that part of auto mechanics. I had a class today at noon and I missed it. The car was not assembled. I hit some snags and needed some tools that I didn’t have, but I was able to work around it. I spent 8 hours pretty solid messing with the stupid thing-much of that time was spent looking for tools or finding alternate ways of doing the job. Long story short it was 3:30 PM and the car was ALMOST done, but my employer frowns when I am ALMOST at work when I am scheduled. I shut the hood and left it. I got a ride to work from a friend. He was in a hurry which meant that I couldn’t wash my hands or put on clean clothes or grab my flash drive with all of my scans on it. I’m feeling pretty incomplete right now. I worked REALLY hard to try and fix the stupid car and I fell short by about a half an hour. A mechanic probably could have done it in 15 minutes (and billed me for 4 hours) but I am not a mechanic. I guess I am just glad I didn’t set the car on fire. Anyway, that is why I didn’t do any posting today. I hope y’all checked out the post on Mark’s Ephemera that I linked earlier today… I still can’t get a call or email through to any of my friends in Haiti. Honestly I don’t know if they are alive or dead. One comment on his post that I read came from Dinged Corners and she suggested Doctors Without Borders which is the charity my place of employment will be supporting on Tuesday and Wednesday...
I have A LOT of posting to catch up on. I think I will start with the mess that was my foolish idea for the caption contest. I don’t think anyone other than me thought the captions were too funny. Oh well, live and learn. I wanted to address it so I could remove the poll from my page. Only 18 people voted which means there will be NO bonus prize. The vote ended in a tie. Four people voted that I (Troll) suck. Okay. Four people also voted for Dan’s Other World. I do suck, but I didn’t vote so I will cast the tie-breaker myself and declare Dan the winner. If you didn’t catch it, here is his caption for this card.
“And here we find the short-lived species reliefus fireballus sprawled on the ground in what seems to be a defensive position. Notice the bold colors used to frighten away would-be predators. The hiding of the eyes suggests a fear of the unknown approaching. This is due to him being removed from its natural habitat before the migration season.”
I will admit I was pretty disappointed in the amount of votes for this. More people made entries than voted. Anyway, I will assume that Dan is going to take the Phillies in the break which will happen 1-2 weeks after the current break is completed. I am sorry it isn’t done yet. Extenuating circumstances. Anyway, congrats to Dan on winning the contest and thanks to everyone (all 18 of you) who voted. More to come tonight! Regarding the group break... I believe that the following teams are available. If you already one of these teams, please comment here... The Astros, White Sox, Pirates, Twins, Rockies, Reds, Giants, Angels, Dodgers and Expos. It you are interested in reading the other (really funny IMO) captions, click here. Greasy (still) troll out.

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  1. Hey, I thought it was a good idea and you had some good entries. I think the people who voted for you (Troll)suck(s)are the ones who suck.