Sunday, January 24, 2010

Group Box Break Info Post, Plus Pack #20 of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2

I think it has taken me about 2 months so far to rip and post everything from my mid-90s group box break. I had NO idea that it was going to take that long and I apologize to anyone who was counting on having their cards right away. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and once again I will set this Wednesday upcoming to be done with it all. As soon as the last pack is posted I am going to count each team and post the final stats for each team. I was keeping track in the beginning and the Braves were running away with it, but things have balanced out and many teams are pretty close. The Pirates and Tigers have been pretty poorly represented on this one and I apologize for that. Like I said when this began-I will include EVERYTHING that I have for your particular team in with the group break cards. I do have a pretty decent pile of both Tigers and Pirates and I think you guys will be pleased. There are a few of you who reserved slots but have not yet sent me anything. PLEASE send me an email and let me know what is going on and when/what you will be sending. Adam from Thoughts and Sox very graciously padded envelopes to cover the mailing and I have 50 bucks on a USPS gift card set aside for this break, so as soon as I rip the last pack and get a team by team quantity, I want to get everything out the door. If you haven’t yet, PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR ADDRESS!!! This is VERY important. I want to get the envelopes all addressed ASAP. Even if you don’t have anything ready to send to me, SEND me your address. I know one or two of you picked team slots that you wanted for another blogger-send me a reminder of who gets what and get me their address, too. We are ready to go with pack #20 of 1994 Pinnacle… I posted this one over at the super awesome blog A Pack to be Named Later. Please click HERE to check it out. While you are there, please go ahead and sign up as a follower, you won’t regret it. It is easily one of the top 10 blogs in the entire blog-o-sphere-it has a staff of many very awesome bloggers and there is a great variety of sweet wax being ripped on a daily basis. Okay, I hope to have pack #21 ripped and posted here on the Collective Troll later on tonight so keep on checking back. The plan for tomorrow is to post about 10 packs, so PLEASE keep on checking back, okay? There are slots open for the next one, if you want in, send me a message. Again, to view the rip of pack #20, complete with images of ALL 14 cards pulled, click HERE, thanks! Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. This was my comment on the pack from PTBNL about this pack!!
    "Ok, love the play at the plate, I thought Rick Helling was going to be a stud for the Rangers for a long time, love the Will Clark shadow, and the catcher behind Jerry Browne is a Freakin' Giant!!"

  2. Just wanted to say thanks again for doing this! I hope you got my package from last week.