Friday, January 29, 2010

Box Break is Full!!! Thanks Everyone!

Greetings! A few minutes before calculus class starts… The second break is now FULL! Thanks everyone! I picked up a jumbo pack of 2009 Ticket to Stardom on the way home from work to add to the break. Thanks to everyone for getting in on this break. I stopped at the post office today and got out about 8 more packages, bringing my total to 19 this week. I still haven’t been able to open any of mail, but thanks to everyone who keeps on sending! Off to class. Troll out! Oh, here is who has who. Please check in and send me your mailing address. E-mail: bacontowne at yahoo dot com…
Atlanta Braves-Captain Canuck
Baltimore Orioles-Orioles Magic
Boston Red Sox-Adam E PAID
California Angels- Opoohwan
Chicago Cubs-Wrigley Wax PAID
Chicago White Sox- dayf
Cincinnati Reds- FanofReds
Cleveland Indians- Spastik
Colorado Rockies- Roy
Detroit Tigers- Roof God
Florida Marlins-Wicked Ortega
Houston Astros-Anthony K
Kansas City Royals- Darkship Todd
LA Dodgers-Night Owl PAID
Milwaukee Brewers-RotB Ed PAID
Minnesota Twins- Rhubarb Runner
Montreal Expos/Nationals-Mark’s Ephemera
New York Mets-Jeremy
New York Yankees-Nico PAID
Oakland A’s- Peterson
Philadelphia Phillies-Dan PAID
Pittsburgh Pirates- DOG FACED GREMLIN
San Diego Padres-Rod Padrographs PAID
San Francisco Giants- OMEGA
Seattle Mariners- PATP
St Louis Cardinals-Madding PAID
Texas Rangers-Brian PAID
Toronto Blue Jays-DR Duane PAID
All of the packages and bonus cards from the first break will go out no later than Thursday morning, then the second rip will begin! go rays! troll out.

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  1. Like a good day on Thanksgiving, we have "fullness". Congrats on filling another break.