Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rolling and Ripping Up Some 1994 Pinnacle!

It has been a seriously bad day today, but I don’t have time for that, but I will state that it is 10:30 AM and I would typically still be in bed leisurely watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire right now, but yet I haven’t yet gone to bed and I am already having a horrible day… I made 7 posts yesterday. That is a lot. I will try and keep that pace up today to finish off these breaks… Let’s get right into it with any pack of 1994 Pinnacle, shall we? This is pack #17 for those of you keeping track. Just a reminder, the contest to caption this card is still up and very few people have left a comment, so get on it!
Here we go!
#388 Eric Davis Detroit Tigers (Recently someone sent me a stack of old price guides from the late 80’s-they recommended Davis’ 1985 Donruss card as a can’t miss investment at a mere 25 bucks-this is just ONE of the reasons that I don’t read those things)
#336 Mark Grace Chicago Cubs (That same book recommended buying Mark Grace, too. He was more of a bargain and a better player, so that isn’t as funny… They did also say he had the potential to be "The Next Will Clark" which seemed funny because Clark only had been in the league a couple years at that point. On a different note, when I think of Grace I don’t think of his awesome defense or all of his .300 seasons, I think of him on the Jim Rome Show talking about “Slump busters and taking one for the team”.
#317 Tom Gordon Kansas City Royals (The Flash is mine, but I don’t really want it. Would someone PLEASE take the Royals?)
#305 Benito Santiago Florida Marlins (In his prime Benny had the best gun of anyone in his generation, including Pudge. Yep, I said it!)
#349 Ivan Rodriguez Texas Rangers (Speak and he shall appear)
#333 David McCarty Minnesota Twins
#341 Angel Miranda Milwaukee Brewers
#395 Jeromy Burnitz New York Mets (Burnitz was all hype and disappointment as a Met, but as Brewer…)
#405 Chris Turner California Angels
#486 Walt Weiss Colorado Rockies
#522 Willie Greene Cincinnati Reds
#358 Marquis Grissom Montreal Expos (this dude could flat out fly in Montreal! The next year (1995) he would become a Brave and actually win a World Series with them. In 2 years in Atlanta Grissom went to 2 World Series and batted .400 in those 12 games with 6 RBI and 12 steals)
#438 Derek Lee San Diego Padres
#402 Joe Oliver Cincinnati Reds (Speaking of rings… Oliver batted .333 in the 1990 WS when the Reds rolled over the A’s. He is the 4th catcher out of 14 cards in this pack)
Another one down. I have to go play mechanic with my stupid car. Don’t forget to enter the caption contest. Today stinks, lets make it better by making fun of Randy Myers, okay? Troll out!


  1. I bet that Matt of Heartbreaking Cards/APTBNL would take those Royals off your hands.

  2. It seems a lot of you are not allowed to log in/comment on blog spot while at work... I have received a few emails for the caption contest, KEEP EM COMING! Laughter is the best medicene!

  3. You blasphemer!!! Pudge was coming to defend his gun...and I love that Santiago card. In case you didn't know.