Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ripping Quickly-Pack #13 of 1993 Topps Stadium Club

The box break that won’t go away is back! I am gonna go wholesale through a few packs tonight… Here we go!
Super fast rip mode with pack #13 of 1993 Topps Stadium Club (I do wish I had more scans saved... Sorry bout that:
#632 Bobby Kelly Cincinnati Reds (I don’t know at what point he stopped being Roberto, but he is Bobby now)
#698 Jeff Juden Houston Astros
#680 Mark Carreon San Francisco Giants
#732 Mike Draper New York Mets (Blink and his career is over… Draper was 1-1 and done by August of 1993)
#653 Felix Jose Kansas City Royals
#634 Ozzie Canseco St Louis Cardinals ( I wonder, if you are a brother of a Bash Brother, does that make you a Bash Brother or just a Bash Brother’s brother?)
#610 Charlie Hough (I can’t even fathom pitching over 200 innings at 45 years of age)
#690 Kirt Manwaring San Francisco Giants (Mawaring hit .305 against lefties and .206 against righties in ’93)
#723 Charlie Liebrandt Texas Rangers (1993 was Liebrandts first and last season with Texas and the last year of his 14 year career. He was 9-10 for the Rangers)
#719 JT Snow California Angels
#726 Steve Cooke Pittsburgh Pirates (Cooke started for Pittsburgh for 5 seasons-not bad for a 35th round pick-he was 10-10 in ’93)
#669 Candy Maldonado Chicago Cubs (1993 was not Candy’s year in Chicago. He hit just .186 mainly as a pinch hitter for the Cubs)
#727 Domingo Martinez Toronto Blue Jays
#617 Mark Eichorn Toronto Blue Jays
#696 Tony Tarasco Atlanta Braves (This is TT’s Rookie card… In 1995, with Montreal, Tarasco was intentionally walked 14 times. Was he ever that good?)
Okay, hopefully this is the first rip of a few tonight. I hope so. Troll out!


  1. The Rangers do seem to get pitchers who are at the tail end of their careers quite often.