Friday, January 8, 2010

The CT Poor Old Card of the Day...

Before I get into today’s card of the day (yes, I think I will attempt to bring that feature back) I want to plug another blog, a blog where perhaps this card might be a little more comfortable and at home, its called Poor Old Baseball Cards, a place where condition doesn’t matter. Of course condition does matter because he or she only posts cards that are a little bit beat up, but that’s okay, I will let him or her slide because it is an awesome blog. I had considered using a similar theme when I started getting more serious about blogging, but since it was already being done and being done well, I figured I would leave it to the experts, but that doesn’t mean I won’t post a few of my own poor old baseball cards… I do like sharp corners sometimes and I can really appreciate a well-maintained card that has stayed like new for fifty years. I am trying really hard to put together a set of ’65 Topps in “near mint” condition, BUT… There is something about a card that has gone through the ringer. There is generally a story behind it and it is fun to speculate on what it might be. I found this 1971 Topps card of Giants Hall of Fame first baseman Willie McCovey (#50) at the flea market this summer. It was sitting in a display case in a screw down holder. It looked ridiculous and out of place in that setting, but I asked to check it out anyway. “It’s not a mint card” the dealer warned me. “Yeah, I kinda got that idea” I replied, but when I flipped the card over and saw a price sticker that said $20.00 I wondered if he realized that it wasn’t gem mint. Holy crap, I don’t think I would pay 20 bucks for any card from ’71, let alone a torn up copy of Willie McCovey! Sticker shock aside, I had to have this card. Maybe it’s the protective father in me, but I needed to take this poor old card home and take care of it, nurture it, post it and treasure it. We haggled for a few minutes and he agreed to slash the price and it became mine. I should mention that although the scan makes this card look prettty sharp, it isn't... I have stared at it off and on for months and I can’t figure out what the hell is written in the top corner. The best I can interpret it is “[c]”. What does it all mean? I have no idea, but someday I will fabricate a story to explain it all… There is writing on the back of the card, too. It looks like it says “C41”. Perhaps the original owner was into processing color film. Who knows. Topps wrote on the back, too: “The NL’s MVP and Sporting News Player of the Year in 1969, Willie started off on the right foot, getting 4 hits in his first big league game, 7-30-59. He led the Giants in Doubles, Homers and RBIs in 1970.” It doesn’t mention this, but those 4 hits came off Hall of Famer Robin Roberts in his MLB debut and he went on to win the 1959 Rookie of the Year Award. 1971 wasn’t a standout year for McCovey, but the Giants did win the NL West before being swept by the Pirates in the NLCS. The sweep was an easy one for the Bucs because McCovey was the lone Giant to make any noise at the plate. Over the 4 games he hit .429 with 2 homers and 6 RBI. Don’t forget to check out the Poor Old Baseball Cards blog! It is far better, I promise… Look for more cards with a little character coming soon… And by the way, this card of the original Big Mac is NOT up for trading. troll out!


  1. I can't believe that dealer wanted 20 bucks for that. I got a '71 McCovey from a dealer that is better shape (although not exactly perfect) and I paid less than 10 bucks. Can't remember exactly the amount.

  2. That looks like a "19" written on the front there.

    I have a lot of '71s; well loved, but not written on. Damn those black borders!

  3. I like it ... Thanks for the mention, I look forward to seeing more ...