Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Cure for a Crappy Day!

Well, I didn’t make my goal of finishing the group break by Wednesday (yesterday), the combination of 4 hours of school per day and a 20 hour (unexpected) shift last night kinda killed it… I posted up the entries for the caption contest-personally I thought they were pretty funny… There are still a few hours left to vote, so get on that… Anyway, it hasn’t been a great week for me. Both of my professors are AMAZING so I can’t complain too much about that. I can complain about dropping 400 bucks on books after spending a total of 6 hours in line at the bookstore over the past 3 days. Not cool. I can bitch about my car-spent all day on Tuesday fixing a problem only to have something new pop up. The car only has 200K miles on it, why all the problems? Since I am in a need money situation more shifts at work are nice, but sometimes I just want to go home after 10 hours and a horrible night-couldn’t do that last night… I have a few stories to share with y’all sometime soon. Crazy drama, violence and nonsense at work, plus the same at the post office… Speaking of the post office-my crap week got a ton better when I chugged in to check my box this morning after class. I had 2 packages waiting for me from 2 of my favorite people in the entire blog-o-sphere: Brian from Play at the Plate and Ed of Roll out the Barrel. Both of them sent some pretty great stuff, but I am going to point out a highlight from each of them now cuz there are about 30 packages ahead of them in line. First off, both of them sent me a bunch of cards from the 2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers series… I scanned a few cards (thanks neighbor Amanda!) for later posts, but to show off the 50 or so cards I scratched off my list best, here is my first completed page from Heritage High! I have 7 pages with 8 cards on them, but nothing a COMPLETED PAGE!!! Ed from RotB stuffed his envelope with Heritage and 2008 Allen and Ginter (base, SPs and State cards) goodness which ended up finishing off 3 more A&G pages, but most importantly he hooked it up with card #340 (SP) of Carl Crawford! I’m gonna end up needing a total of 3 of these, 1 for the set, 1 for the PC and 1 for the team set, but right now I am pretty psyched to have one for the set. I don’t know what it is, but CC looks like a jockey in this pic to me. That may have been the only Rays card in the package from Ed (definitely a first!) but he continues to beef up my Brian Roberts collection. Even though it is a boring white swatch, I REALLY like this ShOwcase Stitches card from 2006 Flair Showcase. Thanks Ed! Moving on to a few hits from Play at the Plate… Brian stuffed his offering chock full of Rays, Roberto Clemente cards, Scott Kazmir and Jonny Gomes in their evil new uniforms and a great card of Hall of Famer Ray Dandridge. Yesterday Mike from JDs Wild Cardz did a post on “Elusive Treasure Cards”. I commented that mine was a 1953 Satchel Paige because that is the ONE single card I have ALWAYS coveted, but never attained. These would be second on the list I think… I would prefer if the cards were on the verge of retirement, but I’m not gonna complain about these one bit. Roberto Clemente will ALWAYS be my favorite player. Brian did sent quite a few throwback cards, but there was some shiny new stuff in there as well. Here are 2 Heritage High numbered chrome Rays cards for your viewing pleasure. I can’t get enough of these cards, seriously… I don’t know if they put Gabe Gross in the Chrome set or not, but if they did he would be the LONE card I need to finish the team set off, low and high both. Thanks so much to Ed and Brian!!! You guys rock, hopefully I will revisit your envelopes again, but who knows… Hope y’all have a similar “day improver” waiting for you, too. Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. I did have one of those "day improver" envelopes waiting for me courtesy of Jeremy from no one is going to read this blog. I need to run look at your "18" list again.