Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rolling Forward-Pack #16 of 1993 Stadium Club-Way Better than the Last Pack and Featuring A Bunch of Scans!

Moving right along with pack number 16 of 1993 Stadium Club…
I will start by saying that there are only 149 different cards on the checklist for series 3 of 1993 Stadium Club. This box will yield 336 cards, so there are bound to be a lot of doubles. The last few packs have had a bunch of dupes. This one is no different. Here we go!
#707 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners (I doubt anyone is going to complain about getting dupes of the Kid. Has anyone taken the Mariners for the next break yet? Remember they had Griffey, Martinez and Randy Johnson in the mid-90s)
#699 Kevin Reimer Milwaukee Brewers (Reimer hit 20 homers for Texas in ’91. He hit 13 for the Brew Crew in ’93, but never saw the leagues again)
#637 Tom Henke Texas Rangers (The Terminator makes another appearance)
#722 Kevin Young Pittsburgh Pirates (In 1999 Young batted .298 with 26 homers, 22 steals, 41 doubles and 106 RBI for the Bucs)
#705 David Hulse Texas Rangers
#749 Joe Carter MEMBERS CHOICE Toronto Blue Jays (The back of the card mentions that Carter told his teammates after Game 6 of the ALCS that they could ride his shoulders to the pennant, and they did) #692 David Hulse Florida Marlins
#744 Guillermo Velasquez San Diego Padres
#743 Charlie Hayes Colorado Rockies
#627 Paul Molitor Toronto Blue Jays (Always awesome to pull a Hall of Famer… The Ignitor batted .500 with 2 homers and 8 RBI while winning his second World Series in 1993)
#646 Joe Magrane St Louis Cardinals
#640 Dave Martinez San Francisco Giants (Martinez was just a platoon outfielder with the Giants, but in a few years he would bat over 300 in 2 straight years for the White Sox and in 1998 he would be an original Devil Ray)
#665 Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves (In ’93 Maddux won a Gold Glove and the NL Cy Young, but didn’t make the All Star team… Go figure)
#663 Mike Moore Detroit Tigers (Moore was an All Star with Oakland in 1989 and won the World Series… in 1993 he was 13-9 for the Tigers)
#650 Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves (How many Braves pitchers can we have in one pack? Glavine led the NL in wins for the third straight year in ’93, plus he was an All Star, but he finished 3rd in the Cy Young vote behind Maddux and Bill Swift of the Giants)
#650 David Cone Kansas City Royals (Coney could battle it out with Tom Henke for 3rd best pitcher in this pack. Conehead won 11 games for the Royals in ’93, but he won the AL Cy Young the following year for KC when he was 16-5 in that strike shortened season)
#681 Troy Percival California Angels (I think this is the 5th copy of Percy’s rookie card. I wonder if somebody is gonna get bipped with this)
#708 Steve Bedrosian Atlanta Braves (3 Braves pitchers in one pack?)
Okay, this pack beats the heck out of the last one. A Hall of Famer helps, plus Griffey, Maddux and Glavine. Maybe the best pack of this brand so far… 8 more to go. Troll out!


  1. Troll, if no one wants the M's in the next break, I'll gladly fork over payment for them again. I just wanted to give someone else a shot.