Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Box Break Halfway Point!!! PAck #12 of 1993 Stadium Club

Greetings Trollites and group box break participants! We are onto pack #12 of 1993 Topps Stadium Club, but more importantly this is the 42nd rip total. There are 84 packs to rip, so we are at the halfway point!!! I totally didn’t realize that this would take me so long to do; I’ve been at it since last year. I promise one way or another to have this done by next Wednesday morning (or sooner), Troll’s Honor, I promise…This may be the best pack out of the box because the first card out of the pack was the box hit. Here we go!
#606 Greg Hibbard FIRST DAY PRODUCTION Chicago Cubs (This is it, this is the box hit… Doesn’t really look too fancy or exciting, but these were the stuff in ’93… Joe Collector had an interesting write-up on these cards not too long ago, check it out here
Scarcity of the card aside and onto its subject… 1993 was probably the best year of Hibbard’s 6 year career. He was 15-11 with a 3.96 ERA in 31 starts. His 15 victories were the most by a Cubs lefty since Ken Holtzman won 17 for them in 1970)
#704 Willie Greene Cincinnati Reds
#712 Rene Arocha St Louis Cardinals
#642 Milt Thompson Philadelphia Phillies (Milt was on the Phillies in ’93-if he is married, that is his only ring…)
#629 Dave Stewart Toronto Blue Jays (Ya wanna talk rings??? Smoke was the best pitcher in baseball from 1987-1990-by ’93 he was still pretty good, but was great in the ALCS for the Jays… If you were wondering Smoke Stewart has 3 rings)
#679 Scott Sanderson California Angels (As a young Montreal Expos fan, I remember Scott Sanderson… In 1980 he and Steve Rogers both won 16 games, Ron LeFlore stole 97 bases-they had Dawson, Carter, Scott, Parrish and Valentine… They finished second to the World Champion Phillies, only 1 game back. I remember it like it was yesterday… In ’93 SS was less effective, but he was still going. I was surprised he pitched for 19 years and had a pretty nice record of 163-143)
#710 Paul Wagner Pittsburgh Pirates (Not a whole ton of Pirates in this box break…Wagner was a spot starter and mop up guy for the Bucs in ’93. He finished 8-8 but ate up 140 innings)
#708 Steve Bedrosian Atlanta Braves
#681 Troy Percival California Angels (I think this is copy #3 of Percy’s rookie card. This is gonna be worth a fortune when he goes into the Hall. JK)
#727 Domingo Martinez Toronto Blue Jays (This isn’t DM’s RC, wish it was… He retired with a career batting average of .409 and a .682 Slugging percentage. Those are HOF numbers…Too bad he only played in 15 games-he had the makings of a superstar)
#698 Jeff Juden Houston Astros (The Astros nabbed JJ in the 1st round in 1989 and in 1990 he was 10-1 in 15 starts in the (High A level) FSL at 19 years old. JJ was tall, like Randy Johnson long and tall, but never really clicked in the big leagues… His best season came in 1997 with the Expos when he was 11-5 with a 4.22 ERA. He went to Cleveland in a deadline deal, but didn’t make an impact. He did appear in the WS for them, but as a righty specialist. He pitched 2 innings and gave up 1 run in 2 appearances)
#653 Felix Jose Kansas City Royals
#617 Mark Eichorn Toronto Blue Jays (How many Jays are in this pack???)
#690 Kirt Manwaring San Francisco Giants (It seems that all of the Giants and Brewers players have cheesy portraits on the front of their cards, but cool action shots on the back… 1993 was KM’s best year in the bigs-he set career highs in homers (5) and RBI (49) and won his first and only Gold Glove Award for the Giants)
Okay, done. 42 down, 42 to go! Is anyone still with me here? I’m Troll and I’m ooouuuutttaaaaaaa heeerreeeeeee!


  1. Stewart was the man for a few years. I'll try to forget there were no Rangers in this pack.

  2. My how times have changed huh? Imagine if that were a "box hit" today what many people would say...

  3. Fan of Reds-I think they would yawn...

  4. I'm yawning at it right now! :)