Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Collective Troll Card of the Day!

I have never owned this card and I have wanted it for a long time… I collected Danny Tartabull as a kid and when I got back into collecting, it seemed only natural to finish chasing his cards. I got a package from Madding of the Cards on Cards blog this Friday past-it weighed about 10 pounds and was a total surprise. He sent cards I needed for 2008 Allen and Ginter, 2009 Topps Updates, cards for my Rays team sets, Carl Crawford cards, Brian Roberts cards, Roberto Clemente, Jonny Gomes, Pat Neshek and Danny Tartabull. Its going to take a bit of time to get all of my lists up to date again. I got another 10 pounder from Adam E of Thoughts and Sox on the same day. There are so many cards I want to show off from these two packages, but I will start with this one… Danny Tartabull’s father, Jose Tartabull spent parts of 9 seasons in the big leagues in the 1960’s. He was a speedy centerfielder with a good glove and gap power. He was a part of the 1967 Boston Red Sox team and split time in right field with a young Tony Conigliaro. The card is from 1993 Pinnacle, card #473. This subset, called The Idols, shows current players with their baseball heroes. I love this card because Danny Tartabull picked his Dad, Jose Tartabull as his hero. I have always considered my Dad to be my hero and I like seeing that from a pro ball player, especially one of my favorites. Thanks so much for this and the other 500 cards you sent Madding! Oh, I do still collect Tartabull cards. I THINK that I have EVERY card made of him up till 1989 and most till '92. I am seeking Tartabull relics and any card I don't have of him. Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. You better get that list updated before I start sending you dupes!