Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Collective Troll's Elusive 18!

Okay, I am being lazy and reposting an old post. Sorry. The response was so AWESOME the first time, it has been reduced by a third already! That I wanted to put it up again...That and I will be working INSIDE at the place of employment tonight which means customer service and no computer and therefore no posting... Here ya go:
My elusive 18… I think this my 4th “most wanted” card post, but every time I do one of these, y’all respond, so I am going to keep on doing it… The list has become a little longer this time because aside mind what people have sent me this year, so I won’t be shy about letting y’all know what I want… The first card on the list is BY FAR my MOST WANTED. It would mean closing a chapter in set building that has been open for too long… As always, I would promise to provide a good home to any 2009 Heritage SPs, any cards of Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena, Jason Bartlett, Pat Neshek, Brian Roberts, Jonny Gomes, Roberto Clemente, Larry Doby, Danny Tartabull, Billy Pierce, Evan Longoria or any Rays or Negro League vets…I have been becoming more and more obsessed with Fleer of late, particularly the 1963 set, the 1983 set and the more modern cards that look like the ’63 set. You may notice that Chris Ray is isn’t on this list, I don’t wanna jinx it, but someone who should be recommended for Sainthood has informed me that one is on its way to Bradentucky (Floriduh) soon… I have had an unpublished (in my head) top-21 list going for a while and between Jeff D, Mr Scott, Joe L, Democratic Roadkill Duane and Dan from Its Like Having My Own Card Shop, it has been reduced drastically, so I figured I would make up a fresh one… Okay, here we go!
The Collective Troll's Elusive 18!
1. 2008 Topps Heritage Frank Thomas Card #469
2. 2009 O-Pee-Chee Akinori Iwamura Card #317
3. 1963 Fleer Roberto Clemente Card #56
4. 1965 Topps Fritz Ackley/Steve Carlton Card #477
5. 2007 Topps Heritage Yellow Team Name Cole Hammels #76
6. 1950 Bowman Larry Doby #39
7. 2008 Allen and Ginter Carl Crawford #340 (RECEIVED-Thanks RotB!)
8. 2009 Topps Dioner Navarro #519 (Pending!)
9. 2009 Topps T206 Jonny Gomes #16 (any and all variations) (Pending!)
10. 2006 Topps Updates Ben Zobrist #U133 (RECEIVED-thanks Nico!)
11. 2003 Topps Traded Jonny Gomes #T161
12. 2004 Topps Heritage Carl Crawford #284
13. 2009 O-Pee-Chee Carl Crawford #96 (Pending!)
14. 2007 Topps Updates JP Howell #UH297
15. 2007 Topps Updates Carlos Pena #UH91
16. 1993 Topps Finest Refractor Danny Tartabull #197
17. 2009 Allen and Ginter Akinori Iwamura #222 (Pending!)
18. 1999 Bowman Chrome Carl Crawford #440
I updated my Rays team list earlier and added a few new brands to it... You can find it here. The Ben Zobrist card pictured at the top came courtesy of Nico at the Near Mint blog! I will give everything else a proper post when I have more time. Huge thanks to Jeremy, Brian, Nico and Ed! Thanks again! troll out.


  1. I can help you out with number 8 and number and 17 on your list. I've just been too lazy to mail those out my trade packages. I'll send it out tomorrow.

  2. I've got part of #9...the regular Gomes and the Bronze Parallel. No mini though..and no SP version if there is one.

  3. I've also got #12....Crawford OPC #96.

  4. Thanks! Jeremy and Brian, you guys rock!!! Jeremy, the Mets are open in the group break and those 2 would get ya in if you want, let me know!

  5. Okay cool. I'll take the Mets if they're still open. I sent out a bunch of envelopes to people today. Hopefully you'll get them soon.

  6. Troll, the pending ones from me went out earlier today.