Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today STARTED off great. I was on time for my 8 AM class. I stopped at the post office and I had 7 envelopes/packages waiting for me. I was in such a great mood that I stopped at the card shop and bought binders and pages for my 1965, 1968 and 1969 Topps sets, plus another pair of binders for 1951 Bowman and 1994 Topps Finest. Now that I have the binders, my want list won't be far behind. The card shop dude had 22 packs left in his hobby box of 2009 O-Pee-Chee and he gave me a decent deal on them, so I bought them all. I had got a 36 count box of 1992 O-Pee-Chee Premiere on Monday. All 58 packs of O-Pee-Chee will be added to the group rip (which already includes 118 packs) IF all of the slots fill up. While I was at the card shop my employer called and asked me to come in and work... Money is good, so this isn't a bad thing, but I was already working tonight. I got called in for 2 more shifts, so I am halfway through the first of 3 consecutive shifts. No rest for the wicked, er troll. Okay, gotta get to work. Here is how the team slots are looking. Lets fill those up tonight, shall we? Also, some of the packs in the rip will include basketball, hockey and football. I need a list of who is interested in what sports so I can determine a system of who gets what. I wont be answering e-mails till tomorrow. Here is the list of team slots...This is who is already signed up for the next rip and their status.
Second Rip
Atlanta Braves-Captain Canuck
Baltimore Orioles-Orioles Magic
Boston Red Sox-Adam E PAID
California Angels- Opoohwan
Chicago Cubs-Wrigley Wax PAID
Chicago White Sox- dayf
Cincinnati Reds- FanofReds
Cleveland Indians- Spastik
Colorado Rockies- Roy
Detroit Tigers- Roof God
Florida Marlins-Wicked Ortega
Houston Astros-Anthony K
Kansas City Royals- Darkship Todd
LA Dodgers-Night Owl PAID
Milwaukee Brewers-RotB Ed PAID
Minnesota Twins-
Montreal Expos/Nationals-Mark
New York Mets-Jeremy
New York Yankees-Nico PAID
Oakland A’s-
Philadelphia Phillies-Dan PAID
Pittsburgh Pirates- DOG FACED GREMLIN
San Diego Padres-Rod Padrographs PAID
San Francisco Giants- OMEGA
Seattle Mariners- PATP
St Louis Cardinals-Madding PAID
Texas Rangers-Play at the Plate PAID
Toronto Blue Jays-DR Duane PAID
OKAY Folks, Troll here halfway done again... I am gonna be one worn out Troll by 8 AM class!!! It looks like we have 4 teams left to be taken unless I missed someone... Remember on top of all the crazy mid 90s wax there will be a blaster of 2009 Heritage PLUS 22 hobby packs of 2009 O-Pee-Chee! Lets fill those remaining spots up! Everyone who is in, please send me an email at bacontowne at yahoo dot com. I probably wont reply till Friday. I am wiped out already... Back to work...
By the way, the CC card has nothing to do with this post, its just a great card. Thanks Wicked!
Go Rays! Sleepy troll out!


  1. If push comes to shove, I can take on another team or two, just to help get the break filled more.

    Just let me know and then we can work out what you want me to send ya.

    I have a nice, large stack of Rays salivating to be mailed out ;)

  2. What the hell. I'll take the Rockies...let me know what to do.

  3. I'll go Indians if you want. I don't think I have anything on your specific wants list, but I know I was building a small Rays pile for you. If your Indians are worth about 15-20 Rays (and some rookie cards of guys who ended up Rays) then I'm in. If not then I guess not haha. Good luck though!

  4. I need to find something cool to send you as my payment. I like anything football related, but I don't collect much basketball or hockey so I don't have a preference.

  5. That's one cooooool ass card on this post, one of my fave all time i love the full auto.... Have you seen his auto now?? its gotten short.

  6. I must have missed a post somewhere so I'm utterly bewildered, but tell me what the price is and I'll bite. I'll take the White Sox unless Steve jumps in and convinces me to switch teams.

  7. Holy nuts! Stop buying more packs and go to sleep for awhile!

  8. Sleep Troll...Sleep! Looks like this thing's going to get filled.

  9. I'm sending you some more stuff that should be worth 1 if not 2 more spots. I don't want 2 more teams just just want you to break all the packs.

  10. Since they don't appear on the list, I'd like to sacrifice my self and lay claim to any hockey that may or may not be pulled from the "...Also, some of the packs in the rip will include basketball, hockey and football" portion of your post.

  11. Ok, ok. I'll take the Giants. I'll be on the lookout for a Rays relic to send you...