Monday, January 11, 2010

Ripping Pack 16 of 1994 Pinnacle, Plus a Chance to Win!

Thanks to everyone who is still with me on this never ending series of pack rips… It has been a seriously long day for me-first day of school after working a double, wah wah wah… I think this is the 6th post of the day for me, which is A LOT. My mother-in-law is having hip surgery today, I haven’t seen my wife in 2 days and none of these things make me very happy… I am happy that folks are reading (at least clicking on) my posts today and I love all of the comments. I had mentioned previously which spots were open for the next group break, which should begin about 2 weeks after this one concludes. Included in the available teams are the Dodgers, Mariners, Indians (claimed by Motherscratcher), Astros, Giants, Angels, Royals, Pirates, Reds, Rockies, Tigers, Phillies, Mets, Expos, Twins and probably a couple of others that I am forgetting. Anyway, if you want a FREE slot for one of those teams, read this post and comment with the best caption you can come up with for this card. Try and keep it in the realms of PG-13 if ya can and include in your comment which team you would like. Sound good? Okay, let the rip commence!
#343 Jay Buhner Seattle Mariners (Walk softly and carry a big stick, brand bat)
#457 Bob Walk Pittsburgh Pirates (Ah, pitchers with unfortunate names…)
#339 Roger McDowell LA Dodgers (If you are a Cubs fan and it pains you to pile onto poor Randy Myers, you may add a caption to this one as an alternative)
#530 Tim Hyers San Diego Padres
#349 Ivan Rodriguez Texas Rangers (I feel as though a play at the plate may be in progress)
#360 Reggie Sanders Cincinnati Reds (I’m not gonna say this guy wasn’t good, but was he ever as good as you thought he could be? Oh, and I just realized his middle name is Laverne, like and Shirley…)
#276 Bobby Witt Oakland A’s
#508 Dave Henderson Kansas City Royals (There are literally 3 people in the stands and Henderson took the time to sign for all of them. Was the game in progress at this time?)
#356 Pedro Munoz Minnesota Twins
#271 Randy Myers Chicago Cubs (I mean, this guy is a professional athlete…Caption THIS card/picture and win a free slot!)
#517 Jim Leyritz New York Yankees
#509 Bo Jackson California Angels (Prior to this the only card I had seen of Bo on the Angels he was flying an airplane)
#417 Jeffrey Hammonds Baltimore Orioles
#446 Andres Galarraga Colorado Rockies (I’m not saying El Gato Grande is a Hall of Famer, but I was surprised that he got such little love. The guy came back from cancer!)
Okay, that’s it with this pack… Like I said, it has been a long day and I just can’t find the words right now, gimme something on poor Randy Myers, please! I will leave it open for 24 hours, so get on it!!! Troll out.


  1. My first thought was Pudge was catching a pop-up, but he has his mask on. I have seen him catch pop-fouls without taking his mask off before. I've also seen him hop up after a third strike to fling the ball around the infield so that could be it. That Reggie Sanders card looks like it might lead to a play at the plate.
    I'm already in the next break, but no one has dropped a caption for Myers so if no one does it, I'm going to put mine down.

  2. I know I can't possibly pitch worth what they're paying me, perhaps I can entertain with my impersonation of a Walrus playing baseball. Maybe then I can get them to give me another contract too. Gee do we have a mascot? This pitching thing sure isn't working.

    For giggles I'll take the Astros.

  3. If shakekee doesn't win the caption contest, I would be interested in the Astros again.

  4. In 1993 Randy myers led the National League in saves with 53. He would have had #54 on this day, if it were not for a well-executed trip from set-up man Jose Bautista.

    (Assuming the picture was taken in 1993 for a 1994 card. Oh, and Expos.)

  5. On this card Roger McDowell is saying, "Yes Jim McMahon I stole your headband. What are you going to do about it."

  6. (Randy Myers returns from a trip to 2010 with Marty and Doc)
    Myers: Guys, check out this new post I learned in Wii Fit!

    Mark Grace: What's Wii Fit?

    Myers: It's this nintendo game that has you do yoga!

    Mark Grace: What's yoga?"

  7. "And one day, I'm gonna get into a real game and I'm gonna slide like this and throw someone out just like this! How cool would that be?! Wait, recess can't be over! What about my dreams?!"

  8. Caption:
    You know the steriod era has gotten out of control when the pitchers are ducking down before even throwing a pitch.

    (and of course, the Reds would be my team)

  9. Man, how odd is Randy Myers today folks? He comes out of the pen still wearing his warm-up jacket and never takes it off.

    Looks like he's prepared to pitch this way. He's a bit wobbly up there, looks like he might have stayed out a bit late last night with the boys.

    Here's comes the one-oh to Deion Sanders. Wait, it looks like Myers has paused mid-motion out there on the mound, and yup, he's just fallen over. I guess that's a balk?

  10. Crap, tripped over the chalk line AGAIN.