Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ripping Again... Pack #18 of 1993 Topps Stadium Club, Plus an Update on the Next Break...

Gosh, I haven’t posted in two days, it seems like FOREVER! So much has gone on in my life, so many stories, so much new stuff, so much to write about! I will spare you for the time being as I have a responsibility to finish off this group box break. The stories will come eventually. There is so much I don’t know where to begin! I will mention that I received about 15 pounds of Tampa Bay Rays cards in the mail today… I owe huge thanks to Thoughts and Sox, Cards on Cards and On Card Autos. It is gonna take a while to get it all sorted, but between the 3 I think I can finish about 15 different teams sets. Thanks guys! This week in the mail I got cards from almost every single phase of my collection- Carl Crawford and the Rays, Brian Roberts, Pat Neshek, Danny Tartabull, plus my oddities-players wearing sombreros and players holding microphones. The generosity of the blog-o-sphere boggles my mind, but it also (pleasantly) surprises me that y’all remember all the different things and players that I collect. On the subject of the box break, I have the boxes for the next break in my possession now. I got a box of 1994 Stadium Club, 1992 Topps, 1993 Collectors Choice and a few cans of 1997 Pinnacle Inside. I am NOT going to post every single pack, but those participating will receive EVERY card that is pulled. Does anyone object to this idea? I plan on posting the first 5 packs out of each box and every can of Pinnacle Inside and then posting a Best Of whatever is left. Should I pull something spectacular, I will post that pack. What do you guys think? There are still quite a few teams left (and I am sorry if you already claimed one of these, claim it again!) including the White Sox, Dodgers, Tigers, Giants, Astros, Angels, Royals, Pirates, Reds, A’s, Rockies and Expos. Okay, now let’s finish this one up…
We are up to pack #18 of 1993 Topps Stadium Club. Can you believe it? Here we go!
#649 John Olerud Toronto Blue Jays (Another natural pose in front of the bat rack. Unfortunately no one got “creative” in writing on the bat knobs…)
#747 Barry Bonds MEMBERS CHOICE San Francisco Giants (The back of the card calls Bonds the best player in baseball AND a player without a weakness)
#651 Julio Franco Texas Rangers (From 1988-1992 Franco batted .330 with 22 homers against left handed pitching)
#718 David Nied Colorado Rockies (Nied was the Rockies opening day starter against the Mets at Shea Stadium. He lost that game and he went 5-9 in 16 starts for the Rockies in ’93)
#645 Randy Bush Minnesota Twins
#616 Dante Bichette Colorado Rockies (Bichette was the Rockies opening day right fielder. He hit .310 with 22 homers in their inaugural season)
#724 Frank Bolick Montreal Expos
#608 Greg Swindell Houston Astros
#685 Greg Gohr Detroit Tigers
#611 Chili Davis California Angels (One of the best switch hitters ever, seriously)
#647 Ivan Calderon Boston Red Sox (The coolest man alive…)
#702 Tim Bogar New York Mets (This is Bogar’s rookie card, investors take note!)
#642 Milt Thompson Philadelphia Phillies
#662 Dan Wilson Cincinnati Reds (Wilson hit .417 against lefties in ’92-in 12 at-bats…)
There ya go, another post and another pack down. I am pulling the plug on trade bait. I sent out surprise packages yesterday for Thoughts and Sox, Cardboard Junkie, It’s Not a Wasteland, Play at the Plate and Heartbreaking Cards… I have packages growing for First Day Issue, Democratic Roadkill, Carl Crawford Cards, GCRL, Mr. Scott, Night Owl, Waxaholic, It’s Like Having My Own Card Shop, On Card Autos, Cards on Cards and No Ones Gonna Read This Blog. The trade bait thing is far too frustrating. I do still have a bunch of stuff left and I am still looking hard to finish off 2009 Heritage and to gather up some 2009 Topps Gold cards. The reason why I post cards as "trade bait" is that I don't want to play favorites. I know there are several bloggers who collect the Dodgers, D-Backs, Orioles, Rays and Braves-so I like to post them to give everyone a chance. I posted some Isalys discs from 1976 earlier this week-I know for a fact that at least 4 other bloggers have these are their "most wanted" lists, so I posted them to give them all a shot. Unfortunately known of these folks read my blog... Thats okay, someone did and they were claimed... Someone made me a pretty good offer for everything I posted and I think I will take it, so that clears that up. I may post a few more Dodgers, Reds and Phillies jersey cards to see if anyone is interested, but mainly if I think you will like it, you will just get it. Sound good? Many stories to come including a Hall of Famer and a few former All Stars popping in at my work. On a different note- I REALLY need to get a scanner! Hopefully before the next break... Not being able to post because I don't have scans is the most frustrating thing... Till next time… Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Ah, what the heck, on the chance I get some Pinnacle Inside Dodgers or the one '94 Stadium Club Dodger I need, I'm in for the Dodgers in the second break. I'll find some stuff you need.

  2. I'll see if I have any of the 2009 Topps Gold cards for ya!