Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ripping Up some 1994 Pinnacle, Pack 18 (of 24)

As you can see creativity in these titles is done... Moving right along with the 1994 Pinnacle, here is pack #18-the end is near!
#366 Eric Plunk Cleveland Indians (Plunk had a respectable career, he was 72-58 in 714 games over 14 seasons AND he was traded for Rickey Henderson TWICE)
#531 Darrin Jackson Chicago White Sox
#309 Scott Kamieniecki New York Yankees
#345 Joe Carter Toronto Blue Jays (This is one of my favorite cards ever and not just because I am a Joe Carter fan… Look at the pic, Carter is making a GREAT catch at the wall, but there is a Yankee fan in the front row (thrusting at the fence) wearing a tee shirt with Babe Ruth or Melky Cabrera on it with a ball on his hat. Just look at the picture. Awesome!) #412 Mark Hutton New York Yankees
#432 Brian Anderson MUSEUM COLLECTION California Angels (Awesome! Brian is a do everything guy in the Rays organization… A little coaching, a little announcing, some play by play, shagging fly balls, bullpen catcher-whatever)
#386 Rich Amaral Seattle Mariners
#456 Sean Berry Montreal Expos
#513 Will Clark Texas Rangers (Will the Thrill just keeps on popping up, everywhere!)
#443 John Flaherty Boston Red Sox (The Devil Rays original backstop)
#426 Albie Lopez Cleveland Indians (Speaking of Devil Rays…)
#520 Julio Franco Chicago White Sox (Wow, Julio Franco was just a 35-year-old young pup in ’94. He won the Silver Slugger Award for DH in ’94 after batting .319 with 20 homers and 98 RBI. He already had 4 as a second baseman which ties him for 2nd most All Time behind Ryno. I really would have liked to see Franco play at 50)
#315 Robby Thompson San Francisco Giants (Robby T pulled off the Trifecta in ’93-he was an All Star and won a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger at 2nd base for the Giants)
Okay, that’s another rip down… We are getting close-I still don’t think I will be done by tomorrow night, but I am gonna keep on trying! Oh, by the way, this is my 350th post, woo hoo! Troll out!


  1. Babe Ruth or Melky Cabrera? That must be a Topps Chicle shirt....

    maybe we'll try Don Mattingly for 500 please Alex.

  2. Captain, that was my lame attempt at Chicle humor... I should leave that to the pros...

  3. That Joe Carter catch at the wall reminds me too much of the Orioles/Yankees 1996 Playoff Jeffrey Maier incident for me to fully enjoy it. My psychologist wants me to move on but after 13 years we are still stuck on that day.

  4. I love that Joe Carter card,I have it also. Funny thing is that he didn't even come close to catching that home run.

  5. Charley, Thanks for the info! I had been told he did catch it. Stupid Pinnacle. It makes the card even better knowing that...

  6. Sweet...two Clarks in a row!
    That Carter is nice as well.