Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rippin Wax in the Windy City of Bradenton, Florida... Pack #22 of 1994 Pinnacle Series 2

Greetings Trollites! It’s been a while since I have posted. I’ve been a very busy troll. Playing mechanic has become a full-time job, but I am getting better at it. After knocking out a fan belt, water pump, oil change, fuel-injector rebuild, thermostat and starter change (on several different cars) yesterday I am amped and ready for major automotive surgery tomorrow. I have to change the fuel pump in my wife’s Jeep. Doesn’t sound difficult, but the fuel pump is INSIDE of the fuel tank. Wish me luck! Trying not to forget my promise to have all of the cards from the group break shipped out by Thursday morning I am gonna keep on going. 1993 Topps Stadium Club is done, 1994 Pinnacle is getting close. Here we go with pack # 22 on ’94 Pinnacle:
#450 Rickey Henderson Oakland A’s (Great shot of the Greatest...)
#529 Rich Becker Minnesota Twins (Wasn’t there a sitcom with Ted Danson in it called Becker?)
#408 Harold Baines Baltimore Orioles
#311 Mark Langston California Angels (I know that Matt from HCoSG collects Matt Williams cuz they share the same first name. I was a fan of Langston for that same reason… Plus, back in his Seattle days the dude was a serious power pitcher… Leading the league in Ks as a rookie? That’s freaking awesome! Not being a fluke and doing it 2 more times, even better…)
#478 Melvin Nieves San Diego Padres
#452 Bob Tewksbury St Louis Cardinals (Tewksbury was an All Star in ’92 and finished third in the Cy Young voting behind Maddux and Glavine when he had a record of 16-5 with a 2.16 ERA) #319 Luis Alicea St Louis Cardinals
#291 Wally Joyner Kansas City Royals (It’s a Wally World, I’m just ripping packs)
#412 Mark Hutton New York Yankees (Hutton, a big righty from Australia, was in the Yankees system since 1989, he finally made the big leagues to stay and he gets traded in August of 1996, right before they go to the World Series. That sucks.)
#314 Hal Morris Cincinnati Reds (Hal, whose real name is William Morris, had an awesome rookie season for the Reds in 1990-he hit .340 with a .498 slugging % to help them to the playoffs. He hit .417 against the Pirates to help them win the NL Pennant. Then came the World Series. He choked against Oakland, getting 1 hit in 14 at-bats, but the Reds STILL swept the A’s) #471 Xavier Hernandez New York Yankees
#340 Pat Meares Minnesota Twins (As a rookie with the Twins in ’93 Meares turned 70 doubles and had 304 assists, but he pissed off wrong Pinnacle photographer somehow and got this as his card)
#378 Carl Willis Minnesota Twins
#287 Roberto Alomar Toronto Blue Jays (This pack started with a great low-down close-up of Rickey and ends with a nice wide shot of Alomar. I think the dude is safe at second though…)
Okay, another rip rapped up. Just 2 more packs and ’94 Pinnacle will be gone forever. I will do my best to keep on posting tomorrow, but dropping the fuel tank is gonna keep me tied up for a bit… By way it has gotten cold in FLA again and it’s REALLY windy too. By the way, there a couple of you who still haven't got in touch about paying for your slot in this (the 1st) break. I want to ship everything out this week so PLEASE let me know whats up. Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. That Ricky shot is the best. That is how we should all remember him even though I was never a big fan of his. Ted Danson did have a show called Becker and if you like sarcasm, you'll like that show. I have it on good authority that Meares punched that photographer out the next season (that's not true, but it would be a great story). The Alomar shot is nice too!