Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bradentucky Beer Fest AND Catching Up on Trades, A Few from Drew!

The mission is to post a few trades BEFORE I embark on another box break… I have MANY to scan and post, today I will start with a great package I received from Drew of the Drew’s Cards blog in late December. Drew was in on the group box break and this was his payment, plus a little payback for a Nick Swisher relic I had sent his way. Before I began I know most of you are hunkered down, surrounded by friends, snacks and the beverages of your choice, ready to watch the big game. As I do every Sunday night, I am at work. I haven’t watched the Super Bowl live in 3 years now. Last year I was really upset, this year I am dealing with it. You can’t ALWAYS get what you want. Anyway, yesterday was a near perfect day and night. I had the entire day off, which is a rarity. Said day off coincided with the Annual Downtown Bradenton Beer Fest with beer vendors from all over the world. We (the Bradentucky Bombers) had a booth there. We didn’t have beer to pour, but we had a bunch of girls and a bout to promote and tickets to sell. We had an awesome booth and tables with live bout footage and neat things to look at, plus we offered the chance (for a couple of bucks) for folks to have their photo taken with a real live derby gal. I took over 100 of these pics. I will probably do a full scale post on this awesome day, if anyone is interested, but for now, here is one of Bradenton’s Finest. With so many brewmasters and beer makers on hand I did my part trying to select the Official Beer of the Bradentucky Bombers. We should have the deal finalized this week and there will be a post on that as well.
Okay, back to baseball cards and some of the awesome stuff I received last year from Drew’s Cards. Here is nine at a time. Sorry to make you squint, but I haven’t made any progress on the scanner issue just yet, so I still have to bother my friends and use theirs. This block of nine includes: 2008 Stadium Club BJ Upton PHTOOGAPHERS PROOF, card #17 of BJ Upton. This is the first Photographer’s Proof card in my collection and it is serial numbered 31/99. From 2009 SP Authentic, card #80 of Scott Kazmir. From 2009 Topps T206, card #142 of Evan Longoria. From 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom, Deckle-Edged Andy Sonnanstine, card #190. From 2004 Cracker Jack (one of my fav sets) is Carl Crawford #98 along with a 2009 Carl Crawford Sweet Spot, #11. Next up is a Scott Kazmir, card # 419 (which finishes off my Rays team set from that product) and from 2007 Topps Opening Day, a Diamond Stars insert of Delmon Young. The 9th card on this page is from 2008 Heritage High#s of Ben Zobrist, card #577. This wasn’t all he sent though. There were some great 2009 Bowman Chrome cards that I needed to finish off my team set and then were was this AMAZING card. It is from 2008 Goudey and despite the goofy Jeter face at the bottom, it is an amazing card. It is #M-CC and looks just like the base card, except it has a G shaped relic in the lower corner. Nice! Thanks for all of these great cards Drew! It is always great trading with you. Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all! Enjoy the game and have a cold one for me! Thanks again Drew! Sorry it took me a year to post these. For those interested, the complete list of ALL of the Carl Crawford cards in my collection can be viewed HERE. There are 249 different CC cards on the list as of now, BUT I have some fresh new envelopes that I haven't sorted yet so hopefully that number will go up. In the category of recommended reading, PLEASE check out Play at the Plate's Super Bowl Sunday special trade post. I also want to remind everyone that is in on the next Collective Troll group box break that I will be posting the rips on A Pack to be Named Later. If you aren't following it yet, correct that error! Also, after the Beer Fest was over we stopped at Wally World and guess what they FINALLY had in stock? At least one of them will be added to the group break and YES I will be chasing that set! Oh, IF anyone wants to fathom a guess on WHO will be the official beer of the Bombers, a prize will await you if you get it right (before I announce it). I should mention that the Collective Troll in no way endorses underage drinking OR drinking and driving. Do sports not drugs kids! One LAST thing... $135.00 of the "Get Your Photo Taken With a Derby Girl" donations has already been sent to Doctors Without Borders. If you or your group is interested in donation, you can do so by clicking HERE. Go Bombers! One last thing, EVERYONE in the first group break has made arrangements EXCEPT the Rockies fan. Tomorrow is the deadline, PLEASE get in touch! My email is bacontowne at yahooo dot com. Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. It SHOULD be Pabst Blue Ribbon, but I don't know if you guys roll that way down there. Here it's all about PBR or hoppy, boozy microbrews (both of which I'm a fan of.)

    Wal-Mart has the "exclusive" red back inserts too? I was hoping they'd do something different. Maybe they just have different players than Target.

  2. Walmart has the "exclusive" blue least the ones I bought did. I don't know if the players are different as I haven't done the sorting part of the process yet.

    By the way, I have 20 bucks...I want a picture with ALL the derby gals.

  3. Madding,
    PBR is my favorite... As long as I can buy 4-packs of 16 ounce cans for 2.50, we dont need them as a sponsor! PBR is an official roller derby sponsor, but for our team we wanted something more unique. I will keep you all posted.

  4. there was a beer fest in syracuse on saturday but I could not go due to mother in laws bday - i work sundays too and haven't watcheda super bowl since the giants won. dont really care though - baseball rules the school.