Friday, February 12, 2010

THE TROLL IS BACK and bringing The Joy of a Completed Page!

I am back people...
And I am here to show off another completed page, this one comes from 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights. I had exactly zero finished pages in the U and H binder, but I just received a package from Jeremy from No One’s Gonna Read This Blog which included 23 cards I needed for the set and I put them to good use and finished off 12 different pages. Considering there are only 37 pages in the binder, I am doing pretty good… If you have any doubles from this series, you can find my want list right HERE. On that topic, I finally got my hands on 2010 Topps and will post on them later tonight. By the by, the Troll is back! I am a little worse for wear, battered and bruised and I am rolling without a car, but I am alive and blogging again. Thanks to EGNJ for filling in and emptying out the queue and keeping the Collective Troll and Nitty Gritty Blogs alive. Huge thanks to Cards on Cards and No Ones Gonna Read This Blog for hooking it up U and H style! Go Rays! Troll is back and he is out!


  1. So didja... get that thing I sent ya?

  2. I haven't been to the post office since my accident. I won't have my car for about a week. I am back in that I have my computer back, but not back in a traveling (and receiving mail) kind of way... I will look forward to it...

  3. Aaaah... I didn't put the "out of commission" and "PO Box" 2+2 together. Oh well, get to feeling better!