Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Million Card Post Part Two-The End of the Suspense-The Last 6 Cards...

Wow. The craze of the Million Card Giveaway is pretty amazing. Looking at my blogroll and seeing 12 blogs in a row posting about the same topic all within minutes of each other is downright insane. Based on that, I would say that Topps has made a damn successful promotion here. Some people are scoring some really nice cards and I think everyone is generally pretty darn excited about the whole thing. I shared my cons on the matter, but I am still pretty obsessed with the 2010 Topps set and I know I will be buying a bunch more of it and I know there will be TMC cards in series 2 as well and I will be ripping just as much of that. I took the time to update my want list for 2010. You can find it HERE. I do plan on updating the "dupes for trade" section...
I need 79 more cards to finish the base set off. That means I am at 76 per cent completion. I have bought 45 packs and done 3 trades. It isn’t great, but overall I am pleased. Anyway, I am going to continue to follow the trend of posting TMC unlocked cards. I was gonna try to spread out the suspense, but now I just want to get it over with. Here are the final 6 cards I unlocked to go along with the 2 1985 cards I showed in the previous post:
1987 Topps Ozzie Smith
1988 Topps Dave Valle
1987 Topps Carl Yaz Turn Back the Clock
1997 Topps Draft Picks
1971 Topps Diego Segui (!!!)
1998 Topps Mike Lansing
The 1971 Segui looks really nice in their scan. I would get excited about that one I guess, but honestly I would probably trade it away like I have done with all of my 1971 cards. With all of the anticipation it is pretty anticlimactic, but I do think it is a really nice promotion and I also think it has been super successful. Topps has created a crazy buzz, the hobby is thriving and cards are flying off the shelves. I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home from work and their gravity feeders (which hold 100+packs) were EMPTY. This is a great thing. I hope it causes more blogs to pop up, too. I know I sounded really negative in my last post… I am excited about this, but the whole requiring a credit card thing is BS in my opinion. Just saying. I also don't think any one of these cards is worth 52 cents. I will say congrats to Topps baseball for hijacking the entire baseball card blogosphere! I will also say I feel REALLY SORRY for the poor intern that had to scan a million cards. I get pissed off trying to scan 8 cards for a post. Oh, by the way, the card at the top is a 1999 Pudge Rodriguez Card Your Mom Threw Out original back (yawn), 1 in 24 box hit. That and an Ozzie Smith original back are my mojo hits thus far. I do have jersey, bat and autograph hits to show off, but they came in the mail, I didn't pull them myself. I aint that lucky... Go Rays! Troll out.

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  1. Dave Valle!!! SWEET!!!! Ok, I'm just trying to be positive for ya Trollman. Are you putting the 2010 Topps set together? I have some dupes if you need some. No Topps Gold Rays though..sorry!