Wednesday, February 3, 2010

IT IS DONE!!! The Last Pack of 1994 Pinnacle is Ripped and Gone, Woo Hoo!!!

This is it, this is the FINAL pack of 1994 Pinnacle!!! We are gonna roll through it quick… I really liked these cards a lot. Original photography, decent design, cool players, but after ripping 24 packs of it over 2 months, I don’t care if I EVER SEE ANOTHER PACK OF IT!!! Here we go!
#295 Mike Mussina Baltimore Orioles (It still blows my mind that the Moose won games for the first time in his 18th season and after winning 20 he retired. That is really awesome… What isn’t awesome is-had he stuck around for 3 more seasons of mediocrity, he could have hit the magical 300 wins plateau and been guaranteed a ticket to Cooperstown. As is he left at the top of his game, didn’t stick around to accumulate stats, and-who knows?…)
#331 Archi Cianfroco San Diego Padres
#387 Geronimo Berroa Oakland A’s
#406 Nate Minchey Boston Red Sox (Minchey set a career high with 2 wins for Boston in ’94. Yep, 2 wins)
#419 Mariano Duncan Philadelphia Phillies
#440 Kent Mercker Atlanta Braves MUSEUM COLLECTION (Mercker won 9 games as the 5th starter for the Braves in ’94, he was on the ring winning squad in ’95 and in 1996 he was traded for Eddie Murray. That’s a career there)
#490 Chris Sabo Baltimore Orioles (Had I scanned this card of the 1988 ROY you would see a nice close up of Spuds and his goggles)
#526 Mark Kiefer Milwaukee Brewers (Kiefer was 5-1 in 44 games over his career. I must have missed all 44 of those games cuz I never heard of the dude)
#500 Bip Roberts San Diego Padres (This card is a loaded weapon. Be afraid, be VERY afraid!)
#504 Bruce Hurst Texas Rangers
#391 Brad Ausmus San Diego Padres (Ausmus was a 48th round draft pick who won 3 Gold Gloves and spent 17 seasons in the big leagues getting 1565 hits. Here he is saying “Wait, I’m supposed to tag you, get back here!”)
#297 Chris Gwynn Kansas City Royals (The Dodgers used their first round pick in 1985 (10th overall) to snag Gwynn out of San Diego State cuz they thought everyone named Gwynn could hit like a Hall of Famer)
#403 Paul Carey Baltimore Orioles (File Carey under “Big power hitting first baseman who don’t work out at the big league level”-the Carey era lasted less than 20 games)
#367 Todd Zeile St. Louis Cardinals (Zeile spent the first seven years of his career in St. Louis and then became a tumbleweed that blew into 11 different cities over the last half of his career)
#495 Eddie Murray Cleveland Indians (Lets end this box with the greatest switch hitter of the generation)
Done, it’s done!!! Two more packs of X Press and this rip is over! Woo hoo! Oh, guess who says come back in an hour or two for more blogging excitement? Everyone's favorite former Blue Jays outfielder Shannon Stewart, thats who! After these last two packs go up I will finally start opening my mail again and get around to posting some of the AMAZING stuff I have received these past 2 months. Go Rays! Troll out!


  1. I've never been a big Blue Jays fan, but for some reason, every time I think of them now, I smile.