Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Joy of a Completed Page OF SHORT PRINTS!!!

I thought I would take a brief break from talking about 2010 Topps to write about 2008 Topps, Allen and Ginter. I was late to this party and didn’t rip any until just a few months ago, but my luck has been great and the set is getting very close. I received an amazing package from Democratic Roadkill featuring all kinds of goodies including the final cards on my A&G want list to finish off the set. Well, it turns out that the list wasn’t accurate-someone said they were sending something and it never got to me. Last night I thought I was done with this one, but after putting the new cards away I see that I am close, but not there yet… I am feeling the joy of about 25 completed pages, but more importantly I am feeling the joy of a completed page of short prints! Yep, cards #327-335 are mine! I am 100% done with the fifty United State cards. I am also the new owner of a whole bunch of minis and World’s Greatest Victories cards. Anyway, here is the completed page and here is what I need to finish the remainder of the pages: 43,55,83,95,238,305,315,318,320,341 and 348. I say this often, but THANKS DUANE!!! You rock! The cards were absolutely amazing. Pitchers and catchers report TOMORROW! That means I will probably be bumping into Matt Wieners and Zach Duke at 7-11. Up next: more trades, my first Carl Crawford card from 2010, more 2010 Topps, 3 from 3s and cards of the day... Go Rays! Troll out.


  1. Hey, if you see Bill Virdon in Pirates camp, say hi from West Plains.

    He is from WP where I live and goes to camp every year. He is the spring training outfield coach. He will be about the oldest guy there and will probably be wearing a back brace.

  2. I saw him a couple of weeks back... No back brace, looks GREAT for his age. I will talk to him soon I am sure. I will send West Plains love

  3. Hey, send me your addy, I got some 08 Ginter I don't know what to do - I'll send those out to you