Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Look at Rafael Soriano

I haven’t made it to the Rays spring training camp in Port Charlotte, Florida yet, so this was my first look at brand new closer Rafael Soriano. He wasn’t in full uniform, but he looked good in the Rays new baby-blue alternate jersey. I wasn’t feeling the tacky bling hat, but I am glad to have him on the team. He seemed excited to be there, he said he was there to win and he was getting to know everyone and was happy to be here. Basically all the standard clichés, but I believe that he CAN and WILL deliver. He was seated next to Aussie power pitcher Grant Balfour, who will be one of his set-up men, and the two were chatting and laughing throughout their one-hour autograph session at Rays Fan Fest on Saturday. Welcome to Tampa Bay Rafael!!! Now lose the hat. Go Rays! Bradentucky Bombers season opener starts at 6 PM, we will be victorious!!! Troll out.


  1. Good luck with the opener! You'll like Rafael, his nickname in Atlanta was BMFIKY for "Bad Motha Fcuka I KILL YOU" for his glare on the mound. The guy we got for him ain't looking too bad either, Bobby was impressed by Jesse Chavez yesterday. Of course Bobby is ALWAYS impressed by new players the first day in camp, we could bring back Phil Niekro and Bobby would be all like "Knucksie was really throwing that 40mph heater out there today! Didja hear the mitt pop?"

  2. Knucksie's coming back??? Really?? Just kidding, nice pickup Marck.

  3. Awesome. Can't wait to see Soriano in action. Especially when you think about how awful it was when Percival was the closer...