Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Panning For Gold AND Pack #33 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press

This is gonna be a REALLY quick post… Not too much exciting going on in pack #33 of 1997 Pinnacle X Press and not too many scans. Imagination is required…
#71 Mark Grace Chicago Cubs (More Gracey)
#95 Brian Hunter Detroit Tigers (More of the other Brian Hunter)
#134 Scott Rolen Philadelphia Phillies (More of the 1996 Rookie of the Year)
#149 Greg Maddux Common Checklist Atlanta Braves
#??? Swing for the Fences Game Card +9
#80 Gary Sheffield MEN OF SUMMER Florida Marlins (Shef is golden-I do realize this scan isn't gold, but the card that I pulled is gold...)
#40 Eric Young Colorado Rockies (Eric Young’s Dad, the original EY)
#107 Bobby Bonilla Florida Marlins
I wasn’t lying, that was the quickest rip yet. There are only 4 packs (total) left of this break. Bring on the end! Since this went SO quickly, here is an update on my progress in my quest for GOLD! Thanks to everyone in the blog-o-sphere I am well over halfway done with the 2009 Tampa Bay Rays team set in GOLD. Between the 3 series there are 44 cards. (By the by I am seriously wondering if anyone is reading... If you are, the first person to send me an email with baseball as the subject wins a REALLY awesome prize!) I now have 28 of them making the team set 64% complete. I still need 16 more Topps Gold cards. If you have any of these, I need them, so get in touch. These are the 16 cards that I still need: 16 Evan Longoria, 35 David Price, 98 Akinori Iwamura, 134 Evan Longoria, 160 Evan Longoria, 174 James Shields, 177 Eric Hinske, 246 Upton, Crawford and Longoria, 321 Kazmir/Price, 567 Willy Aybar, 580 Scott Kazmir, 640 BJ Upton, UH179 Carl Crawford, UH262 Jeff Niemann, UH298 Jason Bartlett and UH318 Carl Crawford.
There will be more ripping this evening, keep on checking back cuz Shannon Stewart STILL says so! Go Rays, troll out.

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