Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Collective Troll's Nitty Gritty Card of the Day!

Greetings Nitty Gritty Card collectors and Trollites alike! It is time for one more gigantic card from the biggest and most awesome set on the planet, the 1964 Topps Giants. This is card #18 of Jim Fregosi, shortstop of the Los Angeles Angels. I grew up in the 80’s and I knew the Angels of California and I knew Fregosi as a manager. Turns out he used to be a pretty awesome player. Here is the Nitty Gritty on the back of the card:

Jim Fregosi’s twelve triples during the ’63 baseball season established a new Los Angeles Angel club record. His .287 average last year made him the top batting shortstop in the American League. One of the games bright young ballplayers, Jim looms as a big star for years to come. A right-handed batter, Jim played in ’60 with Alpine in the Sophomore League as a part time infielder and outfielder. In ’61 at Dallas-Ft. Worth, Jim played in 150 games as a shortstop and earned his trial in the big leagues at the end of the season. In ’62, Jim was optioned briefly to the American Association, but was recalled by the Angels after batting .283 in Triple A competition. In his first real shot in the majors, Jim batted .291 in 58 ball games in ’62. Jim was a top basketball star in school.

That is Topps’ take on the matter. As it turned out, Fregosi bested his career high and the Angels team record when he led the American League with 13 triples in 1968. The current team record for triples belongs to Chone Figgins who legged out 17 triples in 2004. As a player Fregosi was an All Star 6 times, starting for the American League at shortstop twice. He also won the Gold Glove at short in 1968. During his 18 year career, Fregosi finished within the top-10 in triples 7 times, with 78 3-baggers during his career. After his retirement as a player, Fregosi was a manager in the big leagues for 15 seasons with the Angels, Blue Jays, White Sox and Phillies. In 1993 his Philadelphia team won the National League Pennant, but lost to the Jays in the World Series. This has been a Nitty Gritty card of the day post, posted on the Collective Troll. The Nitty Gritty can be viewed here, Duke Snider’s 1951 Bowman was the card of the day there. Go Rays! Troll out.

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